What Are Some K-Fashion Trends Influenced by K-Pop Stars?

What Are Some K-Fashion Trends Influenced by K-Pop Stars?

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Over the last five or ten years, a lot of Korean fashion trends have gained international fame due to the huge popularity of K-Pop idols. According to some experts from the fashion industry, if there’s one consistent fashion trend in 2020-2022, then it’s the South Korean fashion and it’s even expected to increase by 2025.

So, let’s have a look at some K-Pop idols’ signature fashion trends!

Heat It up With a Harness

Heat It up With a HarnessThe leather harness was a key fashion trend born in the 80s and 90s and I guess it’s safe to assume that it gained international fame when Michael Jackson embraced this style as a part of his 1993 Super Bowl costume. And, despite being considered as a fashion risk or criticized for its shortfall as a fashion trend that cannot be seamlessly transitioned to an everyday style, the world is now embracing and being more open to this kink-adjacent fashion – and I guess the credit goes to Blackpink.

If you go back to the “Kill This Love” era, you’d remember how everyone –mostly K-Pop fans – was talking about how the MV was good. The choreography was dynamic, the setting was amazing, the song itself was more intense than “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”, the theme seemed to allude to something new but with a similar powerful and badass aura and the visuals were out of this world and I guess the girls’ costumes played a huge role in making this MV memorable.

All members of this famous girl group are fashions queen and they are known for their amazing fashion choices. However, among all the choices, the thigh harness belt that Lisa and Jennie wore in the Kill This Love performance MV became an iconic trend in the fashion industry.

Note: I’m not really sure if what Jungkook wore in the Fire MV was a thigh harness but I think it’s pretty close – like a minimalist design.

Look Chic With Multiple Hair Pins

Look Chic With Multiple Hair PinsSince we’ve already started on Blackpink, let’s talk about Jennie’s Solo.

Honestly, I just fell in love with her voice after listening to Solo and the lyrics of the rap really did it for me. The MV was just so aesthetic and amazing but I guess what truly captured the hearts of the audience – besides the choreography and the vocals – was the outfits and her fashion style. She wore like more than 15 outfits in this MV. But, one particular style that she brought back in trend was the sparkling hair pins she wore during most of her performances on stage.

On several occasions, she adorned her long raven-black hair with these simple accessories and coordinated them with chic and bold outfits.

Pull off the Cute-Sexy Look With a Strapless Dress

Pull off the Cute-Sexy Look With a Strapless DressThroughout the years, Twice has worn many breath-taking clothes, but there were times when Sana, the “cheese-kimbap” girl, wore more than stunning outfits. For example, during the “Cheer-Up” era, the cheerleader dress looked really good on her and she was really beautiful pulling those cutie-sexy outfits during the “Likey” era – the cute crop tops and the colourful skirts and shorts really complimented her attractive physique. But, I guess what took things up a notch was the strapless outfits she wore during “More and More” and “Feel Special” eras. And, the strawberry hair made her look like a Disney princess.

A Look That Could Pierce Sunglasses

A Look That Could Pierce SunglassesDuring the recent years, K-Pop idols gave birth to a unique fashion called Airport fashion. For K-pop fans, an airport is no longer a place where you have to catch a flight; it’s now one of those cool places where you can flaunt your fashion style.

If there’s one K-Pop idol who can win the Best Airport Fashion Award, it’s none other than Winner’s Mino. Just by wearing a pair of sunglass and coordinating it with a simple blazer and pants, the guy can easily pull off the cool and charismatic look.

Go Bold and Aggressive

Go Bold and AggressiveOnly one K-Pop superstar can pull off such fashion style and that’s Jessie. This well-known K-Pop artist is known for wearing sensual, daring and aggressive outfits. From animal print bodysuits to gorgeous and revealing denim dress, the fashion queen has no limits when it comes to fashion.






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