5 Things to Consider to Choose Your Jewellery for Your Evening Wedding

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Evening weddings have something special to them; not only because the lights at night brings a romantic touch to it, but also because of the unique glow of the evening gowns and, of course, the jewellery of the bride.

In addition to the engagement ring and wedding bands, there are accessories that complete every woman’s look, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Metal, stones and colors are important aspects to create the harmony that will make you radiate all the beauty you possess. That’s why in today’s article, we want to help you discover the most appropriate jewellery for evening weddings.

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1.Quality Over Quantity

The first thing to consider when choosing jewellery to accompany an elegant evening outfit it that quality should never be overlooked. This is to say that, although the night invites to have a more glamorous look, it is better to choose a discreet and delicate jewellery but made with small details and fine materials than a flashy but poor quality costume jewellery. Exaggerated shine or ornate designs can detract from the elegance of your look.

2.Pieces and Sizes

Depending on the design of the wedding dress you have chosen, you should choose the thickness and type of chain for the necklace you will wear. Pearl chokers look great on square necklines while thin chains with small stones look best on strapless and boat necklines.

Earrings are also very important to frame your face and you should choose them according to your face shape, neckline and hairstyle choice. You can wear small to medium hoop earrings or studs with pearls/diamonds for a classic updo look. If you prefer lengths, dangly, drop or minimalist styles, wear them with a mid-length hairstyle, or with your hair loose.

The understated designs of diamond or pearl bracelets in a single line win over the eyes of brides who opt for a traditional outfit. On the other hand, pearl or gemstone bracelets appeal to those seeking a more sophisticated or vintage flair, especially when they feature textures like lace in their design.

3.Metal Choice

Because of their shine, quality and variations in design, the metals that are best suited for night wedding jewellery are yellow gold and white gold, as well as silver and platinum. It is valid if you opt for costume jewellery as long as its quality is good.

We suggest you use the same metal for all accessories. In other words, if you use silver for the necklace, it will be the same for the bracelet and earrings, unless it is a perfect harmony between the yellow and white gold, for example, a bracelet with interlocking patterns.

4.The Ideal Colors

There are metal and stone colors that compliment better certain fabric types and tones. Yellow gold is perfect for highlighting a red evening gown, while silver metals go perfectly with royal blue evening gowns. For a romantic style full of tenderness, rose gold is ideal.

Pearls are classic pieces in weddings. Although there is a legend that they can bring bad luck to a wedding, many brides prefer to ignore this myth to enjoy the beauty that some pearls can bring to a bridal outfit.

Precious stones are also very beautiful. Those who seek to conform to the tradition of wearing something blue, choosing a delicate chain with a sapphire, aquamarine or topaz will look fabulous. Emerald and ruby are all-time favorites.

5.Finding the Right Balance

Finding harmony between the dress, accessories and hairstyle is always a priority to get the look you want. If you’re wearing a headpiece with rhinestones, it’s best if the rest of the jewellery is more understated. In other words, choose to balance a chunky bracelet with a discreet ring or a necklace with a more baroque design with delicate earrings.

There you are! You now know more about what jewellery to choose for a night wedding. Have you made your choice already? Let us know your thoughts and vision for a perfect jewellery set in the comments below.

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