Top 3 Best Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hat

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Wearing a hat is not for everyone; this is usually because you can’t find the perfect hat that highlights your facial structure. Choosing a hat can be a real hassle, and you need to do some research before finding the perfect one for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some tips for choosing the perfect hat for you.

1. The shape of the hat


Each face shape is suitable for several hat shapes; some are more suitable than others, even if your desires and tastes are obviously to be taken into account. In terms of choice, don’t worry; you’ll have plenty to choose from; whether it’s a fedora, Trilby, or melon-type hat, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Now that you know the exact shape of your face, it’s up to you to choose your hat according to your preferences and, of course, according to the one that will be the most likely to highlight you.

2. The style



The popularity of men’s hats, such as the soft felt (fedora), Panama, and the Trilby, is not fading. The bob, an icon of the 1990s, is making a comeback! Whether cotton, nylon, plain or patterned, this soft hat- reminiscent of a fisherman’s hat- is a versatile ally.

Practical and foldable, the bob is usually machine washable. It fits under our bike helmet as well as in our suitcase. Ideally, we choose a reversible model to maximize its use. Style tip: you should put it on your head as much as possible, with the edge touching your eyebrows, so that it frames your face nicely.

On the catwalks, we’ve seen the return of the bell and accessible headpiece gave its proportionate silhouette. In vogue in the 1920s, this style instantly injects a little retro flair into our look. Whether you wear it with the brim up on one side or not, it makes you feel like you’re living in Downton Abbey… with or without a corset!

3. Choose the hat according to your face


The shape of the face has a lot of influence on choosing a hat. So I suggest we look at the most common shapes, including square face, round face, an oval face, and short face.

The first tip for round faces, opt for asymmetrical hats to counter the shape of your face. So, side berets, cloche hats, and XXL hats are yours. The second tip for those who have a short face, opt for a hat with a high cap; I’m talking about the top part of the hat that will give an effect of length when you wear it.

If you have a square face, and therefore with wide jaws, I advise you to choose hats with round shapes to soften the features of your face. English-style bowler hats, rounded caps, and cloche hats will suit you.

Finally, if you have a long face, therefore oval, the trick I suggest is to compensate for these shapes in the direction of the width. Also, you have the choice between different types of wide-brimmed hats, whether it’s a floppy hat or others.

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