Top 7 Steps to Elegance

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Elegance is what is associated with good taste, distinction or style that makes something or someone stand out from the crowd. Becoming an elegant person is more than just wearing fancy clothes, it’s about attitude, education and class. It’s a lifestyle that can be learned through a series of tips.

In fact, elegance can be define as the quality that makes everyone turn around when someone enters a room. For instance, an elegant woman is always perfect, even when she dresses casually. “Those women look like they’re a different species, they look fabulous as soon as they get out of bed in the morning.” Maybe, that’s what you’ve been thinking but the truth is that with a few tricks, you can achieve extra elegance without too much effort.

How do you score extra elegance? The outfit, the smell, the accessories… It all adds up and everything forms a perfect combo to make your elegance multiply by a hundred. Interested in learning more? Great! As in today’s article, we bring you tips that you can follow to be more elegant.

  1. Take Care of Your Clothes

A well-maintained, impeccably colored garment (avoid white clothes that have turned yellow from time or misuse or black clothes that have turned gray) draws attention to itself. Wear your clothes well ironed and without wrinkles that draw attention and look worn. Make it stand out as stylish and look brand new! Notice that people you consider stylish never have their clothes torn, badly colored or wrinkled. Simple gestures can help you a lot!

  1. Your Hands, Always Impeccable

Clothes dress the body and nails dress the hands. Try to keep your nails well groomed (at least, filed and shiny) and always have well moisturized hands. Of course, make sure your cuticles stay in place and try to clean your nails daily with a brush. Also, let them rest from time to time and always use a clear nail polish before painting them in a dark tone (it will cost you less to remove it).

  1. Accessories, Great Allies

Rings, earrings, bracelets, belts, scarves… They make the difference and make you unique! They can even spice up a look to stand out from other occasions. Dare to try and discover what you like and what makes you feel good and beautiful.

  1. Always Take Care of Your Shoes!

No matter what your favorite styles are, try to wear your shoes in perfect condition, clean, without rubbing and without damage. And don’t neglect them; just put on jeans and a white shirt with heels or sneakers to appreciate the difference… It will be abysmal!

  1. The Smell, the Perfume, the Fragrance…

A person who gives off a clean scent and fragrance is a real pleasure. Remember to choose your perfume well and take care of the smell of clothes, shampoo and shoes. It is very helpful to use perfume or cologne in appropriate areas, such as the neck or wrists (the smell is enhanced in the hot spots of the body). If you combine all the products you use on your body, it will become part of you and will be the most pleasant for you and your environment.

  1. The Hair

The hair (color, style, hygiene) must be extremely well cared for, for the health of the hair and for a pure image. Even if you do a “simple” ponytail, you can do it differently, with volume on top, or with twists. You have many ideas in our coils section.

  1. Your Taste, the First Thing: Love Yourself!

Above all, be yourself, feel good, comfortable, and happy with what you wear. And don’t worry about anyone! It shows personality to use what you like, because in the end it says a lot about you and your image to others. Express yourself and feel as you are, free and happy.

In summary, achieving elegance is very simple with these tips that cost nothing. It’s all about having a good wardrobe with basics that never go out of style (and are affordable if you choose well), and spending time on yourself to take care of the details. Do you have any other tips? Share them with us in the comments below.



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