10 Perfect Types of Sleeves for a Wedding Dress

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There are many details that women must consider when choosing the perfect wedding dress. Each one corresponds to the particular and unique personality of each bride, her tastes and illusions. Of course, you will choose the model that flatters your figure the most and makes you feel more comfortable and secure. Sleeves are a very special detail that can completely change the style of a model. Ever wonder if you want a wedding dress with sleeves? We’ll help you decide!

The Benefits of Wearing Sleeves

Although sleeves are signature elements of modern wedding dresses, they can give classics an elegant and sophisticated touch. In addition, sleeves help to style the silhouette, as they visually reduce the volume of the back and draw attention to the chest and neck. The length of the sleeves and the height of the neckline determine the shape of the shoulders. In addition to lengthening and slimming the shoulders, they can give symmetry to the top and bottom of the dress. In warm climates, sleeves protect the skin and in cold climates, they are warm. Find the perfect style for you from this list.


While not exactly sleeves, straps offer that perfect support and comfort for those who want to show off classic cleavage without worrying that the dress will look out of place. The thickness of the strap depends on the shaping that will be given to the arms, features, neck and shoulders. From spaghetti straps to wraps, the thicker and shorter the straps, the less they frame the shoulders and the more flattering they are to the figure.

2.Armhole Sleeve

Slightly thicker than straps, armhole sleeves cover the shoulder and protrude slightly toward the arm. They hide and narrow the shoulders, although they can add volume to the arms. If you like lace wedding dresses, you may want to look for an understated evening gown that incorporates this pattern. This type of sleeve usually makes up Queen Anne style necklines like the one in the photo above.

3.Short Sleeves

This is one of the most classic sleeves and it covers about a third of the upper arm. It can optically increase the thickness of the arms, but it is perfect for hiding imperfections in this area.

4.Butterfly Sleeve

This sleeve sits gently on the shoulder and can slightly cover the upper arm. It has a discreet flight, so it gives movement to the upper part of the dress. It will look great at outdoor weddings or in hot weather.

5.Juliette Sleeves

These sleeves are wide and even puffy on the upper arm. They are attached to the forearm, emphasizing its romantic and vintage style.

6.Tulip Sleeve

This sleeve imitates the nature of one of the most romantic flowers. Made of two pieces, it opens subtly around the upper arm. You can coordinate your wedding dress with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers to have a perfect romantic and boho chic wedding.

7.The Raglan Sleeve

It is similar to the fitted sleeve, but it starts from the neck of the dress and ends softly surrounding the shoulder and part of the arm. It is a subtle and fresh style, ideal for revolutionizing simple wedding dresses.

8.Puffy Sleeves

This short sleeve style is a bit puffy and its shape can include pleats, bangs, different textures and irregularities, in line with glam and retro trends. They visually widen the chest and inflate the shoulders. A dress with these characteristics will be perfect with an elegant high hairstyle.

9.Bat Sleeves

Like a pair of mysterious and intense wings that unfold directly from the body, bat sleeves give a lot of movement to the upper body. They wrap both arms and shoulders as part of the torso of the dress.

10.Removable Sleeves or Cuffs

This type of sleeve has become a trend in recent years because it’s great for adding drama to the bridal style and creating 2-in-1 looks. You’ll find all kinds of removable sleeves: puffy ones, ones that cover the entire arm and flared ones. You just need to make sure that the details and color of your sleeves match or coordinate with your wedding dress design.

So do you thing wearing sleeves for your wedding day is a good idea? Let us know your thoughts and tastes in the comments below.

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