Fashion Guide: Socks Types & Lengths

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It has been one of the most underrated accessories for a long time, but recently designers have increased its importance. Today, you don’t have to hide your socks inside your shoes anymore, instead wear them as you would show them off! They add a playful touch to a boring set and brighten up the gray of the cityscape.

We all have many pairs of socks, but we don’t show them off much in public. Do you like original fashion? Then here are a few tips when it comes to socks!

Various Lengths

Socks are available in a variety of lengths. You have short socks, also known as ankle socks. These are often worn with trainers or other flat shoes where you don’t want your socks to show.

In addition, there are mid-rise socks. These socks are about the length of your mid-calf. Short socks can slip into your shoes, but half-high socks do not.

Finally, you also have over-the-knee-length socks. As the term implies, these socks go up to your knees. If you are not a fan of tights or stockings, you can wear them under skirts or dresses in winter.

Tidy Socks, Sporty Socks, Funky Socks?

There’s not only a difference in length but also a difference in style. You have neat and basic socks. These socks are primarily solid colors in neutral tones and do not contain prints or other cheerful details. They are perfect for business meetings and other formal gatherings.

There are also sports socks. You can recognize sports socks by their typical appearance, which is slightly stiffer than regular (white) socks and often has a crest on them. You might think that these socks can be used for sports. That’s true, but sports socks have become an eye-catching part of fashion these days. They look very cool when worn with big shoes, such as trainers.

Last but not least, funky socks. Who doesn’t know about them? Socks with colorful patterns and prints (e.g. Happy Socks). There are also socks with built-in glitter. They are perfect for accenting your outfits and for lounging around at home.

Socks With Sneakers

Do you want to make your favorite sweatshirt shine brighter, or are you tired of boring sweatshirts? Then don’t throw them away; liven them up with socks. By doing this, you can easily create a new rocking look. Wear colorful socks inside your sneakers and pair them with loose mom jeans. Pair them with a cute top to match your mood. If you really want to let your socks shine, choose a pair of 70′ jeans or culottes. The legs are a little shorter than regular jeans, so you can be assured that your stockings will look great.

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Pumps and Socks

This trend is a little bolder but no less fun. It’s very trendy to wear pumps with socks, but you need to know how to pair them well. Our advice: color blocking. Choose a brightly colored pump with a different color sock and pair it with a simple dress to keep you shining all day long. If this is not bold enough for you, choose pumps and sporty socks. It’s the perfect combination of chic and rugged contrast.

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Boots and Socks

This is a favorite for many. It doesn’t have the same impact as other shoes, but it gives a subtle accent to your coordination. This trend can go either way. For example, you can pair your favorite boots with a nice pair of pants or a dress. Choose a pair of funky socks, and your outfit is complete. This trend can also be applied to the holiday season. For example, wear your best dress, good socks underneath, and cool lace boots.

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Do you like wearing socks? Let us know in the comments below!

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