4 of the Trendiest Necklines for Wedding Dresses

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Are you looking for the trendiest necklines for wedding dresses? You’ve reached the right place! In today’s article, we bring you fashionable necklines that you’ll see in every collection, runway show and sample this year. If you are a trendy and sophisticated woman looking for innovative touches for your wedding outfit, you can’t miss them. Although some of them are modifications of classic necklines, each one has a special charm, as well as being very flattering. Check them out and choose your favorite!

Turtleneck or Perkins

The turtleneck or swan neck has been a very strong trend among contemporary brides in countries like the UK and Brazil, and it looks like it will spread worldwide in the coming seasons, as it has been very present in the latest collections of Spanish companies that are leading the fashion industry internationally. It is a very delicate model, especially when it is made with translucent fabrics like lace and tulle.

A variation of this cut is the Perkins neckline, which comes to the middle of the neck and can be a little looser than the traditional turtleneck. In the coming months, you’ll see both styles with understated ruffles that add pizzazz and elegance to the look. This type of neckline is flattering for all profiles and will especially appeal to brides who want a visual effect that minimizes the bust area.

Boat Neckline with Illusion

Delicate and classic, the bateau neckline traces a soft curve around the bride’s neck at the height of the shoulders. The illusion neckline is a delicate semi-sheer mesh that covers the top of the dress. It extends from the top to, usually, the neckline. Along with the sensual drop shoulders, the illusion neckline is the favorite design of the most romantic brides, as it allows for the play of transparency and texture on the top.

The latest trends present a combination of both types of necklines: the illusion neckline ends with a boat neckline that grazes the collarbones. It is elegant and its versatility makes it very flattering, while being suitable for temperate and slightly cold climates. You’ll see it paired with very deep oasis necklines and with appliqués that give it more movement, like feathers and fringe. It’s a very practical cut to showcase another of the year’s trends: shoulders with lots of presence.

Oasis Neckline

The oasis neckline or needle neckline describes a deep opening that divides the top into two parts, a slit that serves to highlight the abdomen. It is a very sensual design that has been in fashion for a few years, as each season finds a way to revolutionize itself.

In the latest fashion shows and runways, one of the details that stand out are the ruffled edges that give a romantic touch to the oasis neckline and style the top. Plus, they are a perfect touch that allows you to play with the depth and transparency of the original design. This type of neckline makes the neck look longer while helping brides who wear it look taller.

Shirt Collar

The neckline of the shirt opens in a V shape with short lapels. It is a workwear-inspired collar that, at the same time, has a vintage look. These types of collars are elements that bridal fashion borrows from men’s traditions. Although the shirt collar has been used since the 1950s in women’s clothing, it is often seen as a statement of character and strength for women who prefer it.

In the coming seasons, not only will it be present, but the shirt details will extend to the sleeves and even into dresses with buttons on top. This trend is subtle, but it adds a sporty touch to bridal looks and it’s not strange to see it as gender-neutral fashion gains more and more traction. In addition to being comfortable, it’s flattering on all body types and is ideal for those who want to hide the bust area.

There you go, you now know the most fashionable necklines for this and coming seasons. What’s your favorite type? Let us know in the comments below.

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