Top 5 Tips To Wear Nail Polish As A Man

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Men wearing nail polish is not only a growing trend but also an expression of themselves. Here’s why men who wear nail polish- and anyone interested in beauty and grooming- should do what they like. Let’s look at the economics. Men have the potential to add billions of dollars to the beauty and personal care industries. Yet, these markets are largely failing to capitalize on this demographic segment. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips for men to wear nail polish.

Nail polish as an expression of self


When we begin to break down the concept of nail polish- or any other beauty product, for that matter- it begins to lose its binary nature. If products are designed to accentuate the human body, be fun, colorful, and allow for self-expression, where does gender identity come into play? Why is nail polish only appropriate for people who identify as women? We can all enjoy colors, and we all have fingernails, right? We are starting to see more people who identify as men wearing nail polish.

It is being recognized for what it is: a form of accessory. Accessories are a simple form of expression. They allow us to change the basic framework of how we usually look and dress, giving them a unique personal realization. This is freedom. This is a beautiful thing for all men who have an urgent need to realize, actualize and express themselves. These men identify themselves as men. They are actors, athletes, businessmen, and manual laborers.

1. get in shape baby

Too many men make the mistake of cutting- rather than trimming- their nails, which exposes you to a manicure that shortens your fingers instead of lengthening them. If your nails are particularly long, take your nail clippers and cut off the two sides first, then the tip, so your nail looks like the tip of a hexagon. This will prevent you from getting “lumberjack nails” (i.e., squat nails).

2. File and stay polite


The best manicure will be the product of maintaining your nails. Unless you need to file excessively (as is often the case with acrylic nails, which are not particularly common in men), gentle movements in one direction not only reduce the risk of breaking nails. This technique also prevents you from filing too much, and since you’re doing it yourself, there’s no need to file back and forth.

Wash your hands to get rid of any filing dust, and run a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover over each nail- this will rid the nail of any unwanted substances, so it’s ready to receive the polish. Then, take your stamp and run it over your nails to create the ideal surface- this is crucial to creating the best foundation for a colored manicure. A manicure for $25? You’ve done it all yourself in a matter of minutes.

3. It’s time for the varnish

If you’re committed to the ultimate manicure, you can start with a primer to make the polish last longer (flaking polish can be a pretty enviable look), or you can skip this step (remember, we only have a few minutes after all). Next, it’s on to the varnish. Wipe the brush against the edge of the bottle to ensure you have enough product, and start a fraction up from the base of the nail- too close to the nail bed creates the illusion of short fingers.

Gently swirl the brush as it comes into contact with the nail to apply the product, then sweep upward. Repeat until the nail is sufficiently covered, let it sit for a minute- if you have a fan or a hair dryer, you can place your nails six inches apart to help them dry faster- and apply a second coat.

If you apply more than three coats, the paint will bubble, so we recommend that you apply no more than two coats. When you feel that the color is relatively dry, you can open your transparent top coat and run the brush over each nail a few times. Allow five minutes to make sure they are thoroughly dry, and voila! Colored fingernails.

4. Give relief to your nails


If you feel like imitating the nails of some of your stars (without the steady hand of an experienced manicurist), there are a few options. From full coverage to small patterns, stickers are your best bet if you want to see yourself served with rock star energy. After your initial base manicure, choose the sticker that best fits the nail (you’re looking at the width, not the length) so it can nestle into the nail bed for a visually appealing result.

Then pick up the file and file away all the excess (this only applies to full-coverage nail wraps, if you’re applying a smaller sticker, you’re already done). Keep in mind that this might take a few extra minutes, but trust us, your nails are more than worth it.

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