Things to Consider When Choosing a Split Skirt for Your Wedding Dress (Part Two)

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Last time, we brought you some tips on choosing a wedding dress with an opening. But if you want some more help, read the second part of our article. And if we missed the first one, not to worry! You can find it here.

So, below are things to consider when choosing a split skirt for your wedding dress

The Length

An important aspect is the length of the opening, which may show only part of the calf, go to the knee or to the thigh. The bride should decide which length she feels most comfortable with. Keep in mind that the length of the slit will also affect the fit of the dress, the movement of the fabrics and the balance with the neckline.

Another interesting trend is diagonal slits that run through the skirt from end to end or from the center of the dress and even the neckline. While these deeper slits are modern and sophisticated, short slits on long skirts can be a comfortable option that does not detract from the traditional design of the dress.

Similarly, they can be so narrow that they get lost in the folds of the skirt, or so wide that they cover part of the leg. It’s important for the bride to consider factors such as the weather and the shoes she wants to wear, in order to choose an unbeatable design.


In fabrics such as crepe, which adheres easily to the body, the dress seems to fit like a glove. Unlike bulkier dresses, in which the opening can be hidden between the folds, creating an optical illusion of peek-a-boo.

In fuller skirts, the feeling of fluidity is intensified by fabrics such as chiffon and organza, in which the skirt seems to be caressed. And, of course, lace could not miss in this type of seductive models. We can also see veiled openings, with which a translucent effect is created, perfect for more discreet brides who do not want to stop showing their legs.

Your Movements’ Ease

The split skirt can be a bit tricky, as it requires the bride to feel secure in it when walking, but also to time her movements so that the dress doesn’t open up. If you want to show off your split skirt, there’s nothing like walking in a line. Practice putting one foot in front of the other, as if you were walking on a tightrope.

At certain points in the wedding, it will be crucial that you are very aware of your movements, to showcase the opening of the skirt and, at the same time, pay attention to your posture. Most slit dresses have pleats that hide the slit to make it more comfortable, but in general, you need to remember that your dress is not completely closed.

You should practice getting in and out of the car by crossing your legs and holding the opening so it’s not too wide. To climb stairs with this type of pattern, the trick is to carefully hold the end of the skirt that has the opening, the dress will open, but you can cover your legs to control the movement. To kneel in the ceremony, you should hold the skirt by the side and gently pull it back to the center. At no time should you pull or grab the opening directly, as you may wrinkle it.

The Shoes, Indisputable Allies

These models of split skirts are perfect to highlight unique shoes. Usually, they are worn with high heels, as they give more style and shape to the legs. Among all types of bridal shoes, pumps and heeled sandals are the favorites. When choosing, keep in mind that the thickness of the heel and the cut of the shoe can increase or decrease the size of your legs.

You should also pay attention to leg care and moisturizing. Start with meticulous hair removal, using the least aggressive method possible, so that your skin is not irritated and the follicles are not inflamed or red. If you do it early enough, laser hair removal is the most effective and longest lasting hair removal system and is also the most recommended for sensitive skin.

The most glamorous brides can also use it to tan their legs or give their skin a golden bath. And, most importantly, the legs must be well moisturized for the softness of the dress to be appreciated!

There you go! With those tips, choosing your dress with an opening will be easy. What style are you going for? Let us know in the comments below.

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