Things to Consider When Choosing a Split Skirt for Your Wedding Dress (Part One)

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Split skirts never fail to make a splash: whether it’s ball gowns on the red carpet, glamorous evening wear or spectacular wedding dresses, this style is always in fashion. In recent seasons, skirts with this detail are a very popular trend in bridal fashion, because it achieves the perfect harmony between sensuality and distinction.

In party and wedding fashion, openings in skirts are a sophisticated detail that allows you to show your legs and define your look. Since there are many heights and some openings are more pronounced than others, every bride can express her personality through these designs. There are very discreet styles ideal for classic brides and fresh, bold openings that fashion-forward brides love.

Openings can convey a vintage charm that inevitably evokes classic cinema. But also at the forefront of movie premieres and galas for which the most stylish celebrities parade, so they have never abandoned the trends or the collections of the great designers.

In recent seasons, fashion houses have created dresses with intense openings and brides have popularized them by wearing them comfortably at intimate weddings. In any case, behind a wedding dress with an opening is always a glamorous, sensual and very confident woman. It is also a coup for elegant and sophisticated brides who want to project an exciting and characterful look.

Even romantic brides looking for a transgressive element in their look can appreciate this model. And it is that the opening of the skirt can also have a floating, loose and intriguing turn: what more could you want for a bohemian look? In addition, in some cases, the opening can be very comfortable, so it is perfect to enjoy a casual look.

Cuts and Textures: An Opening for Every Style

The latest collections from the big houses add openings in all kinds of silhouettes. The most traditional cur for an open skirt is the A-line silhouette, as it is easy to distinguish the cut between the pleats of the model. The straight cut allows more freedom to play with the height and width of the openings, while in mermaid cut wedding dresses, the openings are usually a little less obvious, but no less aesthetic.

Brides who wish to wear this type of model can be guided by the type of mood they are going for their wedding. The bulkier styles, such as classic princess cut wedding dresses, may be more appropriate for traditional weddings and even elegant parties, as the play of the opening with the fullness of the skirt is usually chic and delicate. The more fluid the texture of the skirt, the more appropriate it may be to wear it at outdoor events, such as bohemian weddings or garden parties.

For their part, tubular models with little volume are ideal for casual weddings, especially if they are made of soft and volatile fabrics. Its dynamic movement visually expands the opening. A low volume A-line is perfect for a civil wedding, while a straight cut with a stiff texture is ideal for a cocktail party.

Opening Types

Do you want to show a deep opening from the thigh up or do you prefer a simple opening to show only your calf? Will it be wide or narrow? Do you want to show the entire profile of your legs or just a flash when you walk? There are many sizes, widths and styles of openings and each will showcase a different part of your legs and shape them in different ways.


The openings on the side or on one of the legs, have a classic impression and are characterized by the transmission of sensuality. They emphasize the calves and highlight the legs. Frontal openings, on the other hand, between the two legs, are full of movement and emphasize the hips and thighs.

One of the trends directly related to the women’s emancipation movements is the double slit: this type of model usually has a shorter skirt underneath or an exquisite play of volume. The most avant-garde firms have incorporated openings in the trains of dresses, usually to highlight innovative and transgressive cuts. Many designers combine oasis necklines and transparencies on tops with open skirts.

There you are! With those first three things to consider, choosing your wedding dress with a split skirt should be easy. But if you want more tips, come back to check the second part of our article. Until then, share with us what kind of party you are throwing for your Big day. We look forward to read from you in the comments below.

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