5 Tips to Choose Your Daytime Outfit as a Wedding Guest

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If you are invited to a loved one’s wedding celebration and still don’t know what dress to wear for a daytime party, this article is for you. Many times the etiquette rules (or dress codes) are stated in the invitation or the bride and groom will let you know, as it is common for them to be white when they are having more spiritual ceremonies or getting married on the beach. There are also those who have themed weddings, but if you have the freedom to choose your look, keep in mind that simplicity will speak volumes about you and your outfit. This does not mean that you should not care about your arrangement, but that you will find more comfortable, beautiful and strategic alternatives to make the most of it.

1.Find the Most Suitable Dress Length

For daytime weddings, short knee-length or slightly below evening dresses are ideal; asymmetrical ones are also a good option that will make you feel comfortable and give you a more fluid movement. Although it is not forbidden to wear a long dress, you can consider such a model depending on the style of the celebration: garden, living room, beach or terrace; this aspect is important not to break with the environment created by the couple.

A long or short combination can also work, depending on your mood of the day. If you’re sticking with a dress, try a tight pencil skirt or a skirt with lots of volume; an A-line skirt will make you look fresh and fun.

2.Pay Attention to the Color Palette

While you’re free to wear whatever color you like best, whether it’s light or dark, the truth is that light and bright tones are great allies for these events. Red is universal, so whether it’s day or night, it will look great on you. But if you’re a fan of blues, try a pastel or aquamarine.

You can even resort to floral prints or simple patterns that style your silhouette and keep you looking stylish. Pay attention to the colors on the invitations, as they can give you clues as to what you’ll find on the day of the party, so avoid over-tuning. And if the indication is to wear white, then you have already won because a flawless look will always be fresh and glamorous.

3.Fabrics That Add and Do Not Subtract

Weddings at this time of year usually have a much cooler look, so it is recommended to avoid too much texture in clothes, as this could make you look overloaded; It’s not that you should avoid them at all costs, but you should use them wisely to be the perfect daytime wedding guest. There are short lace dresses in a romantic and bohemian style, paired with light and flowing fabrics; also layered skirts with transparencies. You will certainly find the right endings for you.

4.Use Applications in the Right Measure

When choosing your dress, you will certainly find options with very colorful or completely sober embroidery, the truth is that this type of details gives a very nice touch to any daytime wedding outfit; if they are very marked, you will save time in the selection of accessories, since they are already the star of the look by themselves. Stone or glitter appliques on clothes are not very recommended for this time, but you can use lace, ruffles, bows or pleats.

5.The Final Touch With Accessories

Again, this will depend on the decisions you made in the previous points. Choose your accessories as a complement to everything else. Since this is a daytime event, you can wear a chain with a simple charm and draw attention to the earrings by wearing an updo, or at least keep your whole face and neck clear. If your shoes are open, even a small anklet will add a nice touch.

Remember that the neckline and other features of the dress are the foundation for the rest, as you may have enough and not need more than a ring or bracelet. And for the bag, something small and without a lot of shiny applications.

There you are! You now know how to choose your outfit as a wedding guest for a daytime ceremony. When is the wedding and what style are you going for? Let us know in the comments below.

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