Sexy or Comfortable: How To Choose The Right Lingerie?

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Undergarments are the basis of your daily attire, and well-chosen undergarments should be comfortable as well as flattering to your figure. Surprisingly, many women and girls do not pay much attention to choosing the right lingerie for themselves, which is wrong. Therefore, we’d like to share some basic rules that you should follow when buying lingerie. If you are not sure if you are doing this correctly, do not overlook the following rules!

Shopping for Lingerie Can Be Fun

Maybe you are interested in shopping but much less when it comes to buying lingerie. If your way involves coming to the store and grabbing the first piece you can see as soon as possible; you may be doing more harm than you think. Lingerie that is chosen incorrectly will not only not fit you, but it will not be truly comfortable.

Rules for Choosing Lingerie

Here are some rules to follow when buying underwear. These are handy guides to help you never make a mistake again and always find the best fit among a wide variety of products.

The First Piece of Advice Is: Try, Try, Try!

Even if you know your size to the millimeter, you should always try on selected items. This is because sizes are not the same, and stores vary significantly in that regard. You may find that you bought a size 37 in one store and it fit you perfectly, but you couldn’t fill out the same size in another store by accident.

Don’t Buy Clothes That Don’t Fit You

Even if your underwear size is correct, do not buy it unless you are delighted with it. This is mainly because of the discounts applied to clothes, and many people do not want to miss the opportunity to save money. Unfortunately, most of the items purchased in this way do not suit the owner’s taste and end up in the bottom of the drawer.

Black Lingerie
Black Lingerie

Lace Lingerie Is Not for All Occasions

Lace lingerie can be hard to resist. For example, a bra lined with luxurious lace is beautiful to look at, but in this case, you have to consider that the lace is visible. Therefore, smooth wax is more practical for everyday use, while lace is for special occasions.

Color and Supportive Material

Color is also fundamental. Black, white, and transparent lingerie (flesh color) should never be missing. If you have a very light skin tone, try chocolate or coffee colors. On the other hand, if your skin color is dark or tanned, champagne color is perfect for you. Lastly, always try to have different colors to match the clothes you are wearing. Once you have an excellent understanding of what type of lingerie you like, you can choose the best suits your taste. Choose the lingerie model that you want the most.

Body Shape

Lingerie should be something that complements you. It should be chosen based on your physical characteristics, not just on trends and preferences because what’s in fashion doesn’t always help you show yourself. Knowing your body, looking at it objectively, and choosing clothes that allow you to feel comfortable and show off your best qualities without overestimating yourself or making negative judgments is essential in making the right choice.

Basic Lingerie

There should always be some basic lingerie in your wardrobe. Supple, not too much detail, comfortable and functional. Of course, this does not mean that they are not feminine. Basic lingerie that is perfectly wearable with minimal lines is essential, and it will guarantee freshness and lightness under any outfit.

What type of lingerie do you go for? Let us know in the comments below!


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