Tips to Dress Little Ones for Weddings

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The world of bridal fashion always revolves around wedding dresses, groom suits, evening gowns and guest looks. However, there are also many glamorous options for the little attendees to choose from. With (almost) as much style as elegant bridesmaids’ evening gowns or refined, adorable suits, little ones will look more sophisticated than ever at every wedding they attend. Follow these tips! For sure, kids will steal every look at any celebration.

How to Properly Dress Kids for a Wedding

They need to take into account that weddings and adult parties can impress children. The latter do not fully understand the significance of this type of ceremony and may be excited to receive an original wedding gift before going home. For them to develop a taste for social occasions and define their own style, their wardrobe should be comfortable and always convey something positive: interesting textures, their favorite colors or cheerful figures will hit the spot.

It’s important that kids don’t feel (or look) dressed up. That doesn’t mean they can’t wear a wardrobe of a certain style or for a particular setting.

Girls at the Wedding

Soft, tender images are what girls project at weddings. Many of them have been in love with fashion from a young age and will surely steal a smile from more than one guest when they wear their outfit. It’s important to make sure your wardrobe is in line with the style of the wedding and the season of the year, so if you want some ideas on how to dress the littlest guests, don’t miss the following ideas for getting the perfect look for the kids.

Depending on the Type of Wedding

Formal Look

Formal occasions call for long dresses, preferably in soft tones like white, cream or any other pastel color. To contrast, details such as belts or floral headpieces in more intense, sober colors are also allowed.

To offset the seriousness, accessories can have soft colors or incorporate adorable patterns, such as animals or dots. Also, it’s best if, although the patterns are voluminous, their texture is soft so as not to cause embarrassment.

Casual Look

In bohemian, country or vintage weddings, the colors can be light and cheerful: these are the best opportunities to take boys and girls into a fairy tale. For this reason, the most important thing will be the fabrics: opting for the most natural, light and volatile will be the most practical.

In addition to casual shoes, girls can wear a pair of sneakers that match the design of their dresses, in case they get tired of dancing. Comfort above all!

Urban Look

At urban weddings and casual occasions, jackets and sweaters will be a very stylish piece for girls. The colors can be soft and modern: mint, old pink, coral and turquoise or blue are suitable for girls of all ages. The cuts can also be innovative: midi skirts and asymmetries will not only make them very elegant, they will also delight the little fashionistas.

Classic Look

Unlike formal dresses, models for girls attending classic weddings do not need to have voluminous and ankle-length skirts. Dresses in pastel shades are best; indoors or in cold climates, they can be combined with leggings in soft colors.

Headbands and simple headdresses are the most classic accessories, as well as belts with bows. The innovation in this style can be found in the shoes: sandals with metallic touches, ankle boots or tennis shoes are excellent alternatives.

Depending on the Season of the Year

Spring or Summer

Who can be sad with a flower crown? This is an opportunity for girls to wear buns and accessories like tiaras and hats. The outfits can also be different: not only can they use fabrics such as blanket and lace, but this is the best season to wear skirt and top sets or flirty rompers. This is the best time to wear ruffles and loose patterns.

Fall or Winter

Corduroy, velvet, brocade and even plush appliques will not only create lively looks, but will also be very appealing to the little ones. Simple silhouettes with light or dark tone patterns are recommended this season, it is also the perfect time to add glitter to the look. They can adorn their braided hairstyles with colorful flowers. This season, girls are totally allowed to wear pantsuits.

So were those tips helpful? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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