Tips for Looking Your Best With an Oval Silhouette

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Women who have an oval figure, also called “apple body”, have a prominent waist and the upper part of the body with more curves. And, if you can relate with the characteristics of this morphology, surely you do not want to miss all the tips on how to dress with this silhouette as this is exactly we are going to uncover in today‚Äôs article.

What Should Be Emphasized if You Have an Oval Figure?

This is a body type that usually exceeds its ideal weight by a few pounds and has more volume in the abdominal area, without having a defined waist.

They have more volume in the central area of the body (chest, abdomen and hips), so it is necessary to look for clothes that help to style the body and create linearity, without losing the curves of the female figure.

Generally, those with this body type have thinner extremities, so the legs and arms will be some of the parts to highlight.

What Are the Clothes That Should Not Be Missing in Your Wardrobe?

What we are all looking for through fashion is that clothes help us to highlight our assets and hide the ones we don’t like.

So don’t miss out on the clothes that flatter the oval figure the most.

Blouses and Jackets

Since it is a curvilinear body, you need to look for clothes with structures but that do not add volume. To achieve this in the shoulders, you can use clothes that show the shoulder seam, without shoulder pads so as not to add volume.

You can opt for minimalist coats without lapels, which will help to create vertical lines in the silhouette and style it. Trench coats will also suit you, as they have a belt that will help to mark the waist and highlight the feminine curves, which will bring you closer to the hourglass figure.

If you have an oval figure, do not use clothes that end just at the hips, as they will visually expand this area.

Straight Pants

If you have slim legs, it’s natural to want to show them off, and straight or slightly flared pants will work well for you.

Leggings or skinny jeans will reveal the volume imbalance with the abdomen area.

Avoid embellishments at the hips so as not to add extra volume and look for a high-waisted model, you have many models with a flat stomach effect.

High-waisted palazzo pants will also flatter you a lot, adding linearity to the silhouette and giving you a more stylish look. In addition, this style of pants is very elegant and will give you a touch of elegance and glamour.


Regarding the length, you have several options that will favor your silhouette, above the knee, knee-length, long … The only option that does not favor you is the miniskirt.

Use plain colors and without details at the hips so that they do not appear wider.

Avoid balloon skirts or draped skirts that give more volume at the waist, what we are looking for is the opposite effect and a more stylish look.


Wear wrap or empire dresses to focus attention on the bust area, which will look more stylish.

Also, these types of dresses will help define the waist, which is one of the weak points of the oval silhouette. Dresses will be one of the clothes that will highlight the strong points of your body, so they will become great allies in highlighting your chest and legs.

The curves are to be highlighted, this way you will look more stylish and feminine, so avoid dresses and clothes too big and those that are bohemian style. With this style of clothing, you will hide your beautiful curves and add extra volume.

What Are the Clothes to Avoid?

The main idea is to style the area of the waist and abdomen that is not defined and is more prominent, so we must avoid all clothes that focus attention on this part.

– Bohemian style dresses

– Mini skirts

– Oversized clothes

– Tight pants or leggings

– Boyfriend jeans

– Tight dresses

– Blouses or jackets that are too short

– Eye-catching accessories at the waist

You now know how to look at your best if you have an oval silhouette. Do you have further tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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