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Styling Tips For Those With a Tall Silhouette

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Regardless of silhouette, the key to choosing clothing is always to emphasize your strengths and wear what you feel comfortable in. However, certain clothes suit those with longer silhouettes better than others.

What Does Having a Long Silhouette Mean?

Checking to see if you have a long silhouette is very simple: if you are taller than 175cm or 75cm, this is what you are. This is the first step in understanding which direction to go when choosing the garments that best flatter your body.

Style Techniques for People with Long Silhouettes

For those in this category, the key to a look that brings out the best in you is to balance and compose your silhouette so that your body shape is as harmonious as possible.

In terms of clothing, the maxi dress is definitely the best ally, as it can emphasize the legs and length – in a regal and graceful manner. Moreover,  they are extremely comfortable to wear. Even midi-cut ones are recommended, as they allow you to play with the proportions of your body.

Voluminous dresses and skirts can also emphasize a long silhouette and harmonize your figure stylishly, especially when paired with a slender figure. While they may not be ideal for showing off in the office or at home, they are definitely an excellent choice for impressing at an evening party.

Pants: Play With Extremes

Pants should not be half-size, but rather at the extremes of cigarette and palazzo. The former is ideal for accentuating the length of the legs, while palazzo pants, due to their cut, hide flaws such as thick or thin legs.

Both can easily be worn with flats or trainers and can be combined in a variety of styles: sporty, elegant, casual, cheerful, as well as leg-lengthening.

Tops and T-Shirts: Not Too Long and Not Oversized

For a long, vertical silhouette, tops and shirts should not extend above the hips; otherwise, the figure may become even more elongated. The same goes for oversized tops. It is always better to choose clothing that fits snugly in the hip area and play with colors and prints.

Do’s & Don’ts

In addition to the above advice, if you have a long silhouette, we generally recommend avoiding the following:

  • Monochromatic looks that elongate the body shape.
  • Miniskirts that often disproportionately exaggerate leg length.
  • Vertical stripes that exaggerate the body shape (horizontal stripes are better if you like stripes).

Accessories and shoes are also essential parts of the look. For example, laces at the ankles can make the legs appear shorter. Earrings, necklaces, hair bands, and anything else that frames the face will bring focus to the upper body.

Also, do not be afraid of color. Indeed, black always looks better and it gives an elegant and sophisticated appeal in any situation, and it improves the cut of an outfit, but adding a touch of color can be used to liven up an outfit and highlight its strengths. So, choose the shades you like best, which harmonize with your skin, hair, and eye color, and play with floral, geometric, and abstract patterns.

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Skinny or Slim Jeans Have an Effortless Appeal

Skinny Jeans are a tall Woman’s best friend. When a tall woman purchases skinny jeans, she need not worry so much about length as fit.

Skinny or slim-leg jeans are a classic that flatters most body types. High waists are also made for taller women. The high waist accentuates the curves of your body.

Finally, be confident in yourself. No one is perfect. First, we need to get to know and like each other, and second, we must recognize our beauty!

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