Tips for Choosing a Summer Wedding Dress

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Planning a summer wedding? This is the noblest season of the year for outdoor weddings because it allows you to show off more inches of skin and fabric wedding dresses that keep you fresh but at the same time beautiful and presentable.

In fact, a summer wedding can be every woman’s dream if she knows how to take advantage of the season or her worst nightmare if she doesn’t prepare for the unexpected that can make an appearance due to high temperatures and humidity. But in today’s article, we are here to give you practical tips to highlight your tan and your figure with dresses and fabrics suitable that will not be damaged by the heat. Enjoy the reading!

Less is More

Surely you want to look like a princess with the Cinderella style dress with a full skirt, but for your summer wedding it is not the most practical. We recommend you opt for a simple wedding dress, that rule out those with a lot of volume, very slimy, thick and showy fabrics, tailcoats, and mermaid style or corsets.

Show Off Your Curves

You’ve worked hard to get a slim body for your summer wedding. And summertime is a perfect excuse to choose a wedding dress that allows you to show off shoulders, arms, and cleavage in all its varieties, you can do that, but with subtlety.

For instance, many brides opt for dresses with a pronounced halter neckline and very tight, but beware because the line between sexy with elegance and vulgar is very thin. Experts usually recommend the empire cut, with sleeves, strapless or with straps but very thin, especially for those brides with a rather romantic style and want to show a little more.

Opt for Greek or boho-chic style dresses, which are characterized by being very fresh and flowing.

Special Fabrics

For outdoor weddings, the most suitable fabrics are chiffon, silk organza or lace. These are all alternatives that will make you feel fresh.

Avoid duchess, which is a very heavy fabric, and details with crystals, pearls and beads. Many prefer silk wedding dresses because they are light, soft and allow air to circulate, but what we recommend is that you buy the dress instead of renting it, because once washed, the patterns of this fabric no longer look like new.

Define Your Style

The ideal wedding dress is one that will speak to your particular style. Many brides prefer the hippie style, others are more romantic, and still others are more sensual. For example, the vintage style of Kate Moss’ wedding dress at her wedding, totally in line with her carefree personality.

Ideally, it should not have a tail, so you can move more easily. One of the most popular trends among summer brides are short wedding dresses, which, thanks to their design, not only allow you to show off your shoulders and neckline, but also your legs.

Be In communion with the Environment

The location of your wedding will be decisive in choosing the most suitable wedding dress for you, if you love the beach, then your dress is balanced and reminds you that you are on the beach and therefore you can take advantage of the natural elements to be in touch with this wilder side, make the most of it!

If you’ve already decided to have your wedding on a beach, garden, field or patio, a heavy fabric or uncomfortable design is not for you. Know the trends of wedding dresses 2021/22, and take into account that design, originality, but above all comfort are fundamental for this special day and even more so for summer weddings. To be fresh and confident, choose a summer wedding dress that is comfortable but also adapted to your body type, there is nothing worse than a garment that does not fit you and that you have to adjust every 5 minutes.

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