How to Choose a Second Pair of Wedding Shoes

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If it’s a matter of comfort, sexy ballerinas will allow you to dance from the beginning to the end of your wedding and you can combine them with different evening dresses thanks to the variety of their designs. But there are also other styles of shoes with which you can give your look a makeover without having to change your wedding dress. For example, synchronize your shoes with your partner’s, just like we coordinated the flowers in your bridal bouquet with those in the boutonniere. Did you know that sneakers aren’t the only option they have? Find out what a second pair of shoes can do for you!

Glamour and Comfort

If what’s stopping you from choosing heels is your fear of sitting down because your feet hurt or swell and you can’t enjoy your wedding anymore, don’t worry. You can wear them during the ceremony and your photo shoot. Already at the reception, as soon as you feel that you need more comfort, you change shoes. The main thing is that your second pair gives you comfort and freedom of movement.

The ballerinas are already one of the must-haves of the bridal shoe catalogs and you can find them with a rounded or pointed finish, with lace, embroidery or openwork, in satin textures or with pearls. There are also silver or gold models that you can use later with a short evening dress that you have in your wardrobe.

Give Your Bridal Look a Makeover

Modern bridal gowns make way for different colored shoes that allow brides to leave their mark on their personality. Give a twist to your party look and depending on the color palette chosen for your wedding and your taste, you can add glamour to your outfit with blue or green shoes.

Another option to renew it and inject sensuality is to choose a second pair of shoes in red or black. Vibrant shades like orange, yellow or fuchsia will brighten up your look and nude ranges or pastel tones will give it a romantic touch.

Just in Case

Did you dream that as you walked down the aisle in your lace wedding dress, one of your shoes fell off the heel? Not one of the more encouraging thoughts, but there have been cases where brides have damaged their shoes at the reception and it’s best to be prepared with a spare pair, don’t you think?

Wear “Something” Vintage

Just as flat shoes can be comfortable for some brides, there are those who, due to lack of habit or the shape of their feet, cannot wear them for long because they hurt. If this is your case, for the second pair of shoes you can find comfort in Victorian boots, Mary Jane shoes or kitten heels, whose heel can be comfortable as long as it does not exceed 4 centimeters in height, although the ideal is 3.5 centimeters. In addition, they will be a very original retro “something”!

Combine with Your Partner

Want to have original photos with your partner in your wedding album? Put on matching shoes! Sneakers are a fun option that you can both wear and they have lots of colors and patterns to choose from depending on your taste.

They can also wear loafers or oxford style shoes in bright colors like red or yellow, but with black and white two-tone, they’ll look great. If they are rockers, they can combine biker boots, you can contrast your look with a red bridal bouquet and give it a glamorous touch with black boots with runway soles or with a cut-out design.

Above all, your second pair of shoes should be comfortable, so in addition to the heel, make sure that the last one feels good on your feet. Of course, prevention is better than cure and if the shoes you choose can be combined with other party dresses you have in your wardrobe or use more regularly, even better! In addition to combining the flowers in your natural bridal bouquet with those in your partner’s boutonniere, you can accentuate the tastes that unite you by coordinating your shoes to enjoy the party. Have you imagined all the celebration you could get with a second pair of shoes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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