Tips to Choose Your Pin-Up Wedding Dress

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You already know that your wedding hairstyle will have Marilyn Monroe-like waves and that you’ll be wearing red lipstick, but are you missing the centerpiece of this look? If you’ve decided to be a pin-up style bride, but you don’t know what to look for in the wedding dresses you’re trying on, you need to read on. You’re sure to find inspiration to make even the wedding favors fit the theme. Do you like the idea? Read on!

History of the Pin-Up Aesthetic

The pin-up aesthetic is a dialogue between the classic and the modern. Although today the term pin-up is used to refer to people, pin-up was originally a style of photography or illustration in which the person depicted struck suggestive poses. In some countries, this movement already began to manifest itself in the 20s of the last century under the banner of sexual liberation of women.

However, it became established in fashion around the 1940s, when photographs, illustrations and postcards of some sensual models were marketed during World War II to keep soldiers in a good frame of mind. Its impact was such that it was not only posters, calendars and magazines, these girls were also painted on war vehicles, such as tanks, planes and trucks.

The pin-up style emphasizes femininity with striking poses and provocative clothing. It is characterized by the fact that the girls turn directly to the camera smiling or waving. Her lips are red and defined, her eyebrows and eyes are well defined, and her hairstyles are embellished with big bows or ribbons.

Cultural References of the Pin-Up

Gil Elvgren’s illustrations are one of the best known references for this style. His flirty and carefree scenes are so representative because he had real women posing. Some of them came from anonymity, others were recognized in the entertainment world, such as Myrna Hansen, Donna Reed and Barbara Hale, among others.

Marilyn Monroe is another of the most recognized actresses in the pin-up fashion; however, Bettie Page is “the queen of pin-ups”. The latter, like Brigitte Bardot and Gypsy Rose Lee, have become a reference to follow in her footsteps with this style.

But if you’re looking for a more defined icon of this style, you should definitely remember Betty Boop, the famous cartoon character who positioned this trend more clearly. This flapper girl’s curvy body, suggestive clothing and sultry expressions have inspired many women who love this look.

And in the Wedding Dress?

Now that you know a little more about the origin of this fashion, it’s time to know what characteristics your dress should have, if you are going to have a vintage wedding and want to have a pin-up style . In addition to red lips and a hairstyle tied with a thick ribbon, you will have to pay attention to the cut, the neckline and the sleeves.

Your dress can be white, but a little life wouldn’t hurt. Can you imagine a thick red ribbon at the waist to accentuate the color of your lips and match it to the bouquet? Not only will it look spectacular throughout your celebration, but it will also help your photos look like a 1950s model.

Pin-Up Necklines and Sleeves

The most representative necklines for this look are Queen Anne necklines and halter necklines with a sweetheart or half sweetheart bust and wide straps. In addition, they can also be very flattering to the shape of the face and body. These necklines can make your features optically more stylish and your bust is highlighted and visually gains some size.

Since this style favors bare shoulders, the bustier and corset are also another sensual and youthful option. It will be perfect for brides with a thin neckline and toned shoulders. If this is not your case, it is better to opt for a V-neckline.

The most classic aesthetic opts for sleeveless dresses or dresses with straps, preferably wide and tied behind the neck. However, if your arms are wide or if you want to hide your figure a little, you can opt for short sleeves or armholes. Of course, you should accentuate the skirt with as much volume as possible so that the pin-up style is not diluted.

Skirts with Volume

The idea is to suggest rather than show, so a short or long midi wedding dress that comes below the knee or mid-calf will be ideal.

Whatever neckline and sleeves you choose, the skirt should always be wide, A-line, and very fitted at the waist, no lower. This will enhance the hourglass body effect that so many women are looking for. A bridal crinoline that offers a lot of volume will further enhance the effect.

There are those who are so excited that they decide to wear a colorful, polka dot, patterned or huge bow waist dress. Too busy for you? Then ask your bridesmaids to have their short evening dresses with these features and they will accentuate the theme even more.

Ready to show your femininity and sensuality with this look? Finish your look with peep toes, a birdcage veil, and a half updo with defined waves and a red bridal bouquet. Explode that same color into the lipstick and secure the most sensual kisses!

A crimson lipstick or cat eye sunglasses can be very practical wedding accessories. Not only will they captivate your guests, but they will also allow them to pose in true pin-up style in the photo booth. How about recycling vinyl to make your wedding invitations, seating chart or table numbering? Let your imagination and your skirt run wild!

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