Styling Tips for Men: How Can You Style a White T-Shirt without Being Boring

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The white t-shirt is the starting point of any style, a unifying element of men’s fashion and the resulting wardrobes as an individual product. Every man, from the most elegant to the sportiest, can count on the minimalism of this garment, on which to build the scaffolding of his personal looks, mirroring his tastes. For this reason, every season, every year, every trend, wants its t-shirt as a fundamental and absolute principle, essential and imperative to any self-respecting wardrobe. From the most classic combination with jeans and a casual jacket to more sophisticated associations with slim-fit suits or layering, here are the 5 best ways to pair the white t-shirt.

The White T-Shirt for Street and Sports Looks

Undeniable is the belonging of the white t-shirt to the sports and street universe, that’s why the garment goes perfectly with all combinations of this type. Not only workout or ultra-informal outfits with track pants and hoodies, but also more urban looks with a 90s vibe that reflect the metropolitan and pseudo-vintage taste in force in men’s fashion in recent years.

With baggy jeans, maxi cargo pants or skinny models to be combined with large t-shirts, the white t-shirt is worn with bomber jackets or denim, with oversized sweatshirts both closed and zipped, with the inevitable presence of accessories symbols of the street style like sneakers, metal chains or hats with visors.

A white T-Shirt for a Minimal Look

Minimal doesn’t have to mean mundane, quite the contrary. In many cases, focusing on the essentials can be the winning move, especially when it comes to clothing. That’s why, for all those who are undecided about what kind of look to wear to the office, in free time or for any other context, the answer is, in fact, simple: a white t-shirt, pants, a stitch and a garment. Nothing else is enough to have an impeccable outfit.

With jeans to be more sporty and casual, with tailored pants and lace-ups to show off in the professional sphere, the white tee is comfortable, versatile, practical (and stylish) in fabric. For an even more incisive and refined effect, simply indulge in cuts and silhouettes, choosing oversized models to wear loosely inside the pants.

The white T-Shirt with an Elegant Look

Few people are able to accept that a simple white t-shirt can be paired with the timeless elegance of the slim-fit suit, yet more and more designers are coming up with this unusual and surprisingly effective combination. The casual and sporty essence of the t-shirt tends to dilute the excessive elegance of the classic suit, making it more versatile and wearable in different contexts, day and evening.

Excellent with double-breasted cuts that only reveal a crew neck, and especially splendid with single-breasted jackets and slim-fit blazers, the t-shirt is the all-purpose piece that opens the door to new styling frontiers. However, such combinations require a more thorough search for the perfect garment: a basic cotton t-shirt is not enough, but you need to focus on garments that reflect the ideal of making the ensemble.

White T-Shirt in a Layered Look

Layered looks are among the most seen on the international catwalks, an expression of a fashion that increasingly aims to mix and match different inspirations in one outfit. Layering on layers of clothing of different textures and colors, these “layered” outfits start from the same base: a white t-shirt. Fundamental for anyone who wants to highlight colorful clothing, the white tee is ideal to wear with a light leather jacket and a textured coat, with a brightly printed bomber and denim jacket or with a shirt and crew neck sweaters for colder days.

For the lower part, the same combination principle applies: from pants to jeans, the approach is creative by playing with printed socks that protrude between the hem and the shoe. To add an even more original touch to an already detailed look, just choose a t-shirt with an embroidered mini logo.

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