7 of the Most Famous Choices for Wedding Shoes

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If you’re still not convinced that fashion is an art, just think about your bridal look. There are at least six classic wedding dress cuts, countless types of accessories and hairstyles, countless makeup styles and hundreds (thousands!) of wedding shoe styles. What defines the style of a shoe the most is the type of heel it has. Don’t think that there are only high heels and low heels, stilettos and chunky heels, cylindrical heels and square heels. Check out this guide with the main types of heels to know which one to choose.


The Flared Heel

The flared model is easy to recognize: it’s straight on the surface and flares down, usually along the inside of the heel, or on all sides. It is narrow on top and is usually high. It can be comfortable for people who like high heels, as it provides a lot of support to the foot. The special feature of its shape is that it can refine the contour of the legs.

Cuban Heel

Short, thick and curved forward: these are the characteristics of the classic Cuban heel. It is one of the most comfortable heels: it is even used for activities such as horseback riding. Its comfort is due to the fact that it describes a discreet curve that follows the contour of the heel of the shoe. Although it is short, it greatly refines the legs and is the perfect complement to simple wedding dresses. When the Cuban heel is higher and a little narrower, it is called a Havana heel, perfect for salsa dancing!

The Louis XV Heel

The shape of the Louis XV heels is inspired by the outline of an hourglass: they are narrow in the central part and widen both at the toe and towards the heel. They are elegant and increase the thickness of the calves. Also, they are usually low heels, so they are perfect for a refined look. When they are thicker and slightly shorter, they are called a stiletto heel.

Stiletto Heels

Also known as Italian heels, stilettos are probably the most famous style, as they are widely used in the film world. Their main characteristic is their great height: they measure between 8 and 10 centimeters! They are also easy to recognize because of their extremely thin and pointed shape.

They are expert level heels, as they can easily destabilize the walk. However, they style the figure a lot and are preferred for wearing midi wedding dresses, short or long, with which you can show off your movie legs! Curiously, the straight heel that defines a curve in the upper part, joining the rest of the sole, as if it were the foot of a wine glass, is called the Manhattan heel.

Wedge Heel

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The wedge heel is often confused with the platform, although they are technically different. The wedge is a thick heel that extends from the arch to the heel, lifting the back of the foot. It has the effect of tightening the back of the legs, and it is very comfortable to walk on, especially when the pad of the foot and the toes also have some platform. This is the perfect heel for outdoor weddings, and your guests wearing garden party dresses will love it, because they have the virtue of not sticking to the grass.


Platforms elevate the entire foot. They are excellent to be used in both slippers and sandals and even in bridal shoes, as they are very comfortable. Elegant platform sneakers paired with a lace wedding dress can be a casual yet glamorous outfit.

Kitten Heels

The famous kitten heels were popularized by Audrey Hepburn. They are short and small and curve towards the front of the shoe. They are romantic and elegant, ideal to wear with a midi dress or even with princess wedding dresses. They really show off the hips and are easy to slip on, even for heel beginners. They are very similar to comma heels, but these are born following the curve of the heel, while kitten heels are centered in the middle.

There you are. You now know the most famous choices for wedding shoes. Which one suits you best and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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