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Is it possible to be fashionable on the beach? Of course, it is. Every year, the fashion world recycles new and old trends to simply attractive beach looks. What are the beach fashion trends for 2022? Is there anything new? We’ll have to find out together! Below is a quick survival guide for pre-holiday shopping. Don’t miss out on all the trends for this sparkling season. Scroll down below!

1) Crochet Fashion

In recent years, crochet styles, or crochet, have come back strongly in fashion. Thus, it is to be noted in the swimwear of summer 20222. Crochet bikinis in bright and trendy colors, as well as many caftan cover-ups and glamorous accessories made in this way to withstand the high summer temperatures.

Not long ago, crocheted clothing was considered old-fashioned, but now it is pretty different. Beach fashion welcomes and reminds us of all things crochet.

2) Total Black One-Piece Swimsuit

For years, black swimwear was a bit of a disappointment: too serious, too opaque, and not very attractive. In fact, trends change quickly, and the fashion world is well aware of this. Fashions come and go, and perceptions of specific garments change over time.

Thus, the one-piece swimsuit has gone through habits, becoming fuller, minimal, and artfully cut, creating the right combination of comfort and sensuality to complement the body. No longer just an opaque and anonymous garment, it became truly synonymous with style.

For these reasons, the black one-piece swimsuit is a must-have for your summer 2022 collection. Asymmetrical, one-shoulder, plunging, and sexy necklines are available for all tastes. Anyway, don’t miss out!

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3) Espadrilles

Espadrilles have never let us down since the 80s, especially in beachwear. This year, they are once again the trendy shoe of the summer, perfect for the beach or as a comfortable day shoe. They are this summer’s must-have accessory in every color, material, and finish. Plus, the wedge heel model pairs perfectly with light and colorful dresses.

4) Accessories Trends

This summer 2022 accessories should be real precious. Indeed, it is the summer of jewels, rhinestones and all things sparkly and bright. Body chains will accompany you to the beach with matching swimsuits and beachwear.

5) Straw Bags

Straw bags never get old, and in this year of beach fashion, 2022, they will continue to be a mainstay of beach days. Small in pocket type or large in messenger bag type, straw bags are always available. Moreover, one of this year’s trends is to use accessories and beachwear in the city as well! Bikinis and shorts will be the everyday look, while straw bags will be transformed into glamorous and super versatile city bags. It’s a trend that will be in vogue for years to come, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t lose sight of it.

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6) Long Skirts

Long skirts allow you to cover the areas you want to protect while maintaining a certain degree of freedom. Long skirts come in various styles and are an excellent choice for the beach, thanks to lightweight fabrics like chambray, linen, rayon, and other summer-perfect blends. In the mood for adventure? Opt for bold animal prints.

 7) Rompers

A romper can be the perfect item to complete your casual beach outfit! Paired with a pair of slip-on sandals, this outfit can easily take you from brunch at the beach to dinner on the patio. A romper also makes it easy to change out of your beachwear.

For rompers, you can’t go wrong with delicate floral prints or geometric designs. Materials vary, but rompers made of rayon, chambray, or linen should all be appropriate for the beach. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses complete the beach look.

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