Top 3 Simple Tips For Man To Have A Better Wardrobe 

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Being a man or male presenting individual, dressing up can be a hassle. We all wonder what we’re going to wear when we get up in the morning, and it’s not always as easy as we think to find what we want to wear, even in the most crowded closet in the universe. You have to find clothes that match the mood of the day and then manage to match them together. And that’s where it gets tricky. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about having a better wardrobe.

1. Vary the colors


Let’s start with the most complicated and subjective precept to respect! We all agree that dressing exclusively in black, white, or beige is not the best. We can all agree that it’s not best to wear black, white or beige. We can all agree on the fact that it’s not the best to wear black, white, or beige, but it’s much more complicated to compose with what you have in your closet.

Even if it remains a matter of taste, there are nevertheless some golden rules that can guide you at the beginning, the time to be able to free yourself from them to fly with your wings. As for the choice of colors, you must first refer to your skin and hair color.

These compositions are essential because they allow us to avoid ending up in a walking monochrome, wearing only one color on our entire outfit. Aesthetic horror! It is also interesting to vary the materials between leather, jeans, cotton, linen, or jersey. This will support your color choices by bringing texture to your outfit.

2. Choose the right materials


Favoring natural materials seems obvious to us today, but it is not for everyone. Without saying that it is more important than the aesthetic aspect of the garment, I would say that it is almost as important because it is a question of our comfort, our well-being, and the durability of the chosen garment.

Comfort is already because some materials are much more pleasant to wear than others, and there is nothing to compare between a 100% cotton tee-shirt and a half-shirt in polyester. The cotton will be inevitably softer and more pleasant to wear.

On the well-being side, natural materials are always more breathable than synthetic ones, which changes a lot in summer and winter. Already it is much warmer, which is important depending on the season. You will need less clothing to feel comfortable, and you will be more comfortable and avoid the risk of colds of all kinds.

Then the breathable side will allow your perspiration not to accumulate in the garment but to evacuate naturally through the fabric; it’s still better than wearing T-shirts that let us sweat without letting anything through! This breathable side finally allows the body to cool down in case of intense heat, and that’s great! Less risk of feeling the sweat!

In terms of durability, natural materials such as cotton or jersey are more resistant to wear and tear, time effects, and odors. When you buy a synthetic T-shirt, it sometimes happens that the fabric becomes impregnated with the smell of perspiration after a certain time and that you can no longer get it back! With the natural it is finished, you will finally be able to wear your favorite clothes until the end without a problem.

3. Have fun


To be comfortable in your shoes, as in everything, you have to know how to evolve. And for that, what better way than trying new outfits, confronting new fashions, and going where you would never have dared to go before. This stylistic exploration is necessary when you start to get tired of your appearance and will allow you to break your codes! For that, you don’t need to go very far!

A quick trip to a store to spot a few pieces you could match, that shirt you never dared try on, that chino that’s too colorful for you. Trust me, and you might surprise yourself! Someone who takes pleasure in dressing and likes to have choices in their wardrobe is obvious at first glance.

The kind of man who will look good even when they say they’re out in his pajamas will look good even when they go to get his bread, not because they have crazy clothes, but simply because he takes the time to choose and match them. You don’t have to wear Burberry, Chanel, or be a fashion victim to look good!

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