Get The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe: 7 Essential Tips

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Everyone goes through it at some point; that blouse you bought on a whim is lying in the back of the wardrobe with the tag still attached. Not necessarily something to be proud of, but rather something to avoid.

This is why before you go shopping, it’s essential to do a little step-by-step planning to get more specific about the cool jeans you put in your cart, the lovely jacket, the chunky boots, and other things you want to have in your wardrobe eventually. It is very useful to look for specifics for a capsule wardrobe. Here are some golden rules of thumb to make sure these items don’t become bad purchases!

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a selection of favorite or essential items that can be used for one season. A capsule wardrobe consists of 37 items and hangs in the closet for three months.

The challenge is to complete the capsule collection at the start of the season so that you don’t have to shop again during the season. There is less chance of making the wrong purchases and spending money on clothes you don’t need with this method!

1) Reconsider

Before you go shopping, start with your wardrobe. Rethink, be aware of what you have, and most importantly, wear it! This will also help you know what you lack.

2) Material Research

One material is not another. There are so many new developments in the field of sustainable textiles. Dedicate time to materials research. Knowing a few fabrics you are comfortable with and feel responsible for will allow for a more targeted search. For example, you may decide to go for more sustainable brands, stores, and websites.

3) Price Tags

Consider the price on the ticket and the “price per garment” as well for the sake of your wallet and to limit fast fashion. This is due to the range of possible combinations and the quality, design, or timelessness of the piece. So, what may be expensive when you buy it may be much cheaper later.

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4) Pick a Number

Choosing a capsule wardrobe means limiting the items you put together in your summer and winter wardrobes. You select items that go well together. This will help you to have a clear picture of your wardrobe. And as a result, you will have a better idea of what you still want/need.

5) Look Critically at Color

Choosing a color for pants is slightly different from choosing a color for a shirt. The color you put on you has a significant impact on your skin and appearance. So, be mindful and choose colors that look good on you. You can quickly see if a color suits you by holding it next to your face in a well-lit mirror. Next, compare two colors from different spectrums. For example, a shade of red and a shade of blue.

Testing and measuring is a must. Try on every piece of clothing you are thinking of buying or have never held in your hands. You can check the size chart in a web store and look closely at the model’s shape and size. Have you taken measurements (recently)? NO, not an estimate. To measure is to know.

6) Clothes Care

It is essential to store clothing well. Use a clothes steamer instead of an iron. Look for one with a large water reservoir, so you don’t have to refill it right away. A steamery pill remover can also be used to remove lint and shave woolen jumpers, for example. Not only will the clothes be good as new, but the job is very Zen-like.

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7) Self-Care

We conclude with the idea that a successful, sustainable, and happy shopping experience is also one of self-care. So be patient, embrace your anxiety, and shop with optimism. Never shop in frustration because smart shoppers are happy shoppers!

Let us know if these few tips have helped you put together your capsule wardrobe in the comments below!

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