Top 3 Simple Tips For Styling A Skirt

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Styling a skirt can be a real hassle but it is rather simple. In my opinion, all clothes are genderless, and anyone can wear whatever they want as long as they feel comfortable in what they are wearing. But some people tend to have an issue when it comes to wearing and styling a skirt. Don’t worry because we are here, and we got you covered.

A skirt is something that everyone ought to have in their closet/wardrobe, and it is a pretty versatile article of clothing for any body size. Most of us have a piece of clothing in our wardrobe, but we don’t often wear it because we can’t style it properly. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our excellent tips for styling a skirt.

6 Different kinds of skirts


There is not a single type of skirt on the market, and there is a plethora of them to choose from. Each skirt can be style different, styling depends on you and the type of skirt you wear will depend the season. So, let’s learn about some of these skirts:

1. Mermaid skirt: It is a slim-fit garment that hugs the waist and flares out from the seam just above the hem. This is done to mimic the shape of a fishtail. This skirt is for people who love clothes that fit their body and emphasize their waist. It is an excellent option for a cocktail wear outfit or can even be sworn as semi-formal wear.

2. Pencil skirt: This is another form-fitting skirt, and its hugs your waist and hips. It usually has a slit which allows better movement and eases motion. This is one of the most prominent forms of office wear out there.

3. Asymmetrical skirt: This is a type of skirt that features a hemline that is usually longer on one side than the other. This means that one side the shorter than the other.


4. Bustle skirt: This is a modern take on a classic, and it takes on the structure of the undergarment that women would wear in the Victorian era. This type of garment usually has several tucks and gathers at the back, and this creates a crinkled and voluminous shape.

5. Straight skirt: it has a rectangular shape, and it goes from the waist to the hem and is a straight line down your body’s. This is the perfect skirt if you have board shoulders as it balances out your silhouette.

6. Miniskirt: It refers to a short skirt that usually hems anywhere above your knees, and it is always a good choice for party wear.

How to style it?

1. Mermaid Skirt and off-the-shoulder crop top.


The crop top trend is still around and thriving, and the new edition to this trend is the off-the-shoulder crop. We think this trend is here to stay, and you better get into it. A perfectly pressed off-the-shoulder crop top and a mermaid skirt is a game-changer. This will make jaws drop, and you will be the talk of the party. Add some accessories and a suede ankle boot to spice up the whole garment. This is the perfect styling of a mermaid skirt if you ask us.

2. Asymmetrical skirt and Knee-high boots.


Just like an off-the-shoulder crop top, high-waisted anything is the rage right now, and we love this because it shows your curve and body. For us, a knee-high boot and black crop top alongside an asymmetrical skirt are the perfect combinations. It gives you an edgy look and is the ideal outfit for a first date or being a party. The perfect way to accessorize and styling it, is by adding some gold jewelry that will make the outfit pop more. Add a statement piece like a long pendant necklace or an earring.

3. Skirt and loose white top.


This is a classic combo for a reason, it is classic, and no one can go wrong with this combination. You will see every fashionista on the street wearing a mini denim skirt alongside a loose white top. The mixture of hard and soft makes you look put together, relaxed and casual at the same time. For us, this is the perfect combination fr a daytime outfit.

Wear a skirt if you want to wear a skirt and don’t let anyone police your body, gender exploration, gender identity, and clothes. Styling a skirt is rather simple and if you like the look, then that is what matters. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more tips for styling a skirt.

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