The Korean in Me: A Guide to Korean Trends and Styles

The Korean in Me: A Guide to Korean Trends and Styles

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If I had to sum Korean fashion in a few words, I’d say, comfortable yet smart, casual yet chic and minimalist but sophisticated.

Kicking off from people’s obsessions with Korean TV dramas, movies and K-pop, Korean fashion brands are now swarming all over the world and have become the new “rage.”

Dying to dress in Korean style? Here are some popular Korean fashion inspirations.

#1. The Trench Coat

The Trench Coat

Five weeks ago, I was in South Korea, more precisely Seoul.

It was a city where you could say every person hanging around was stylishly clad in a cool, upbeat mashup of trendy streetwear.

But, what really caught my eye in the mix was those alluring trench coats.

A trend that started off as an obsession only to turn into a full-blown quest for me.

If you are a keen observer of K-dramas, you’d notice that leading ladies from not two but four K-dramas – namely, Crash Landing on You, A World of Married Couple, Itaewon Class and The King: Eternal Monarch were styled with the same trench coat.

I guess the reason behind the huge popularity of this piece of clothing in Korean culture is because of its smart yet sophisticated look and its ability to reflect character.

#2. Dress Over Blouse

Dress Over Blouse

When it’s summertime, we don’t waste time storing our jeans and slipping onto the sundress of the season.

Wearing a dress can be so comfortable. I mean, there’s nothing binding your legs, no tights, no leggings, nothing! And, you can actually feel that refreshing air circulation which you don’t usually feel with pants.

There’ s no also denying that dresses – from classic A-line dresses to tight, clubbing dresses and long ballgowns – are mostly favored because of their elegant and classic feminine look.

However, Korean women don’t just “wear” a dress and like to go creative by adding something extra with it.

The dress over blouse style has made its way over the Korean fashion line and has been a dominating trend since the last spring.

The origins of this trend go back to the 90s where exposing your shoulders or chest area was considered as rudely inappropriate.

(Little correction: Exposing your shoulders or chest area is still inappropriate in South Korea.)

This effortless and versatile fashion style does not require much thought or planning and it’s something that you can easily come up with at the last minute.

You are free, absolutely free, to mix and match.

You can pair a crisp white long-sleeved tee with a sleek black tank dress. Or, have a ruffled flower blouse under a soft pink dress.

#3. Schoolgirl Look

Schoolgirl Look

When we hear schoolgirl look, we think of how Twice members rocked that look in classic and cheery school uniforms, right?

Many know that Korea has transformed the daily school wear concept into a modern everyday look. And, a lot of K-pop stars nailed that look.

This smart look is encapsulated with A-line skirts (a must), a button-down shirt or a plain long-sleeved top, a sweater, socks, loafers and sometimes, a beret.

Now, it’s up to you to customize your school uniform style.

You can go all classic with red plaid skirts, crisp white button-ups and matching ties like SM unnies. Or, go for a darker palette like the girl crushes of the K-Pop world – (G)I-DLE.

#4. Mini 365

Mini 365

While the Code and Cult of Demure Domesticity in South Korea dictate that exposing shoulders and the chest area is unaccepted, there is one style standard that will never go out of the Korean fashion and will never cause anyone to bat an eye.

That interesting fashion style is the mini bottoms.

Some might consider it ridiculous and weird to go out in the depths of winter, with snow on the ground, wearing mini dresses and mini skirts and shivering like jellies.

But, it’s deemed as completely normal for South Korean girls to wear mini skirts even during the coldest days of winter.

No one’s really afraid to show off their legs.

Now that you have some of the basics of Korean fashion, why don’t you share your stylist creations with us in the comments below?

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