Wedges and the Perfect Look for Every Occasion

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Wedges are characterized by a thick heel that forms a single piece with the sole, while the usual heels are separated from the sole. There are different materials, colors and designs, so, depending on your style, it is important to know how to combine the wedges with other clothes to achieve a specific style for each.

This type of shoes combines elegance and comfort, as they offer greater stability than normal heels. With wedges, you can go up several inches without your feet suffering. Plus, they have a very summery, fresh look.

With wedges, you can actually slay a variety of different styles. Want to know which one and how? Keep reading; in this article, we list a few styles that you can easily pull off while wearing wedges.

Feminine and Natural Look

Wedges are ideal for this style. Just pair them with denim skirts or dresses to get a very natural and feminine look. Preferably, wear wedges that show your toes and tie around your ankle.

Since this combination is very classic, add interest with an unexpected color in the shoes or accessories. This way you will be able to stand out everywhere you go. I recommend you apply this outfit for a walk, a night out with your friends or a casual date.

A Chic and Sophisticated Look

Wedges can be just the touch of originality that a serious outfit needs. Dare to wear them with clothes such as blazers and shirts, they will give a very chic and fresh tone to your outfit. Of course, it is necessary to wear shoes in a neutral tone (preferably black) and make sure that the colors of the wedges and accessories are coordinated.

A Cool Look

Pair your wedges with jeans and a cool blouse in light colors. This outfit is perfect for going to a barbecue, picnic or shopping without losing style. Don’t forget to wear your favorite sunglasses to complete the look.

The Boho-Chic Look

Another foolproof way to wear wedges is the boho-chic style. Natural wedges are the perfect shoes to combine with printed dresses, flared clothes, retro accessories and ethnic clothes. To complete this look, try to wear a very natural makeup, you will look beautiful.

An Elegant and Versatile Look

Sober and sharp wedges are the perfect complement to an elegant outfit.  Their slim, minimalist design makes them the perfect alternative accessory for a sophisticated, modern look.

So, the next time you need a sleek and professional look, pair them with clothes in muted colors that coordinate perfectly, like navy and black or black and gray. Plus, if you wear them with an above-the-knee skirt, your legs will be styled as if you were wearing stilettos.

Casual Look

Wedges that are closed at the ankle but open at the front are perfect for a very casual, urban look. Just pair them with your favorite jeans, a basic shirt and an army jacket.

You can also wear them in a slightly less casual look with a light shirt. This is the perfect outfit for the typical Sunday family dinner or going out for coffee.

A Sexy and Feminine Look

With black closed wedges, you can be very sexy. Pair them with skirts and short dresses in feminine cuts and colors. These shoes will be a detail of character and presence that will balance the ultra-feminine and sexy clothes. Plus, this look is perfect for going to a bar or out with your friends.

Do you already own a pair of wedges? How do you style them? We want to read from you; share your fashionable tips in the comments below!


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