Red Dress to Attend a Wedding: Here’s How to Wear It Right

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A red dress can be your best ally if you want to feel confident and project a powerful and energetic image. Red can be worn in both day and nighttime styles, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all kinds of celebrations, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect occasion and wearing the style that steals your heart. Interested to learn more about the meaning and how to wear a red dress? Read on!

What Do Red Dresses Mean?

Red dresses have such a noticeable effect on our culture that there is even a theory that there is a physiological reaction of greater attraction and emotion in front of them. While this hypothesis has been widely debated since its inception, it is a fact that red dresses can be intimidating to guests looking for a subdued look, but there is no reason to be discouraged: there are over 100 shades of red, so no doubt you will find the shade that makes you feel comfortable.

Movies frequently exploit the impact of long, tight red dresses to represent sensuality and passion. Since red is also used to represent danger, it is a color that can make you feel powerful, empowered and sexy.

Although it can signify aggression, red also symbolizes love and warmth. In addition, it is the color of many flowers popularly associated with femininity, such as roses and carnations, so red evening dresses, in addition to being vibrant and full of life, can also convey delicacy and elegance.

What Type of Red Dress to Wear?

Although there is a wide variety of elegant red dresses, you will surely find the right one for your next event. If you don’t know what type to choose, we share with you some tips below.

Short Red Dresses

If you are wondering which models of evening dresses can be worn at cocktail-themed or minimalist weddings, short and tight red dresses are the most appropriate. These models can be very glamorous for garden and farmhouse parties, whether straight or with a little volume, especially with round or square necklines.

Red Midi Evening Dresses

The midi cut refers to the height of the skirt: it can be anywhere above the ankle and below the knee. This is one of the cuts that makes the most of the A-line silhouette, as the volume adds glamour to the skirt.

The red dresses you’ll find with this height also have ruffled and asymmetrical skirts. Many companies are taking advantage of shirt cuts and tunic style dresses to create casual red styles, ideal for bohemian weddings and sunset parties. With this cut, red is a chic, easygoing accent that enhances the silhouettes of each design.

Long Red Dresses

Long red evening dresses are dramatic and elegant, as it is the perfect height to convey passion and strength. In addition to voluminous profiles, guests can find straight dresses made of bright fabrics and different shades of red, designs that can be worn indoors or outdoors, especially in classic and elegant weddings.

The collections also include loose styles like the empire dress, perfect for outdoor weddings. This type of red dress offers a lot of elegance and therefore can be used for a stylish court or for distinguished guests.

Red Evening Dresses

You probably won’t find a more dramatic color for an evening dress than red. Models in this hue are characterized by tight cuts, which favors flared styles and low-waisted cuts, such as fit & flare, because they create the illusion of greater volume, composing dynamic and vibrant images.

If you are going to attend a gala wedding, a burnt red evening dress will look great, especially with embellishments such as ruffles on the neckline or sleeves and side slits on the skirt. Red gala dresses are characterized by the fact that they are made of luxurious materials such as silk or lace. Therefore, you should only wear them if the wedding dress code states that the occasion is appropriate.

Most elegant evening dresses in shades of red are minimalist, as their colors are enough for the model to wear. But guests will also find “garden party” styles that combine stiff tops with soft skirts. You will see some models with asymmetrical necklines or openings in the skirt: seductive and sophisticated details.

Here you are! With those tips, you should be sure to wear the perfect red dress as a wedding guest. What’s your favorite dress style? Let us know in the comments below.

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