Choosing the Right Coat: Consider Your Morphology

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If there is one purchase of the fall/winter season that requires a little more thought than usual, it is the coat. Because, although it is not considered a wardrobe essential by everyone, there is no doubt that it is an essential basic in cold places, which you will take daily if you choose it well.

After years of challenges, it was considered a garment that was too serious, elegant and why not say it, bulky, not very adaptable to daily life, it is now an absolute trend and despite being only an outer garment, in the protagonist room of many looks.

Able to bring joviality, elegance and style to your image, depending on the clothes you choose to combine. (Between us, the combination with jeans and sneakers makes me crazy).

Go for that if you can only get one, you choose it as plain and neutral as possible, which doesn’t mean you have to settle for the usual camel or black.

There are other fabrics like Prince of Wales or houndstooth that are more original and just as easy to combine.

And since this is a piece that has a higher starting price than any other seasonal garment, here are some tips to make sure the one you choose is the most flattering option.

If You Are Short

If you are under 165 cm tall, remember that your coat should never be longer than the knee line. If you feel comfortable, you can even take them a little shorter, but avoid longer ones that will reduce your height.

Fitted styles also help to make you look slimmer. And if you are slim, you can opt for a belted jacket or coat, as long as you avoid patch pockets.

The cleaner it is, the slimmer you will look.

If You Have an Extra Kilo

If You Have an Extra Kilo
If You Have an Extra Kilo

Pay special attention to the quality of the fabric. With advances in technology, you’ll have no trouble finding lightweight fabrics that don’t add bulk but do warm up like the ones make in blanket fabrics.

Avoid padding, especially when it is very large, and be sure to choose one with a single button.

The buttons will optically generate a vertical line that will make you look slimmer.

If Your Figure Is Rectangular

Models with a well-defined waist, even with a seam at that height, are the most flattering for you. You’ll get a much more feminine silhouette.

If Your Silhouette Is Triangular

Well, if your silhouette is triangular or your shoulders are narrower than your hips, choose a well-structured style with small shoulder pads. You can also play with the cut lines to give volume to the shoulder area. Models with a yoke flatter you.

Belt loops or shoulder epaulets are great for you.

If You Have Broad Shoulders

Unstructured styles help you to soften and visually narrow this area of the body. The ranglan sleeve is perfect for you.

Avoid models with a closed neckline and those with double buttons.

If You Have a Lot of Chests

Choose a simple model, with a V-neck, a button, which does not emphasize your size. emember that tight necklines optically give volume to the chest.

You already know that what makes the difference between wearing a garment or being stuck in the closet is not whether it’s pretty, new or fashionable, but whether it fits you like a glove. So even though buying a coat normally involves a large financial outlay, don’t settle for a bad coat and always buy the best quality you can afford.

Do you already have yours for this season? How did you choose yours? Share your tips in the comments below.

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