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How To Dress Up For a Cocktail Party?

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Parties, cocktail parties, and social gatherings are occasions that require you to be in shape. Stress is high on these occasions, but with the right tips on how to dress, you can make a good impression!

“At a cocktail party, she wears a cocktail dress.” It sounds simple, but it’s not at all. Finding the right cocktail dress is not as easy as it seems, and the large selection makes things even more complicated. Sequined dress or minimalist dress? Long or short? Skirt or pants? Accessories? Not to mention makeup and hair!

If you don’t want to drown in a sea of questions, read our tips on what to wear to a cocktail party to make the figure beautiful and perfect!

What To Wear?

Before we begin, it is essential to understand what kind of event you are attending and what is expected of you in terms of attire. Is it a party with friends? An official occasion? Where will the party be held? These details are essential to understand how to behave to avoid being pointed out as the one who did something wrong.

Different events and places where they are held require different behavior; if you know the other guests, their advice can be a lifeline. Otherwise, you are not alone after all! Here are some suggestions

1) Choosing the Dress

When you choose a dress, make sure it is the right one and perfect. First, it should enhance your features and hide areas you don’t want to show.

Once you understand what you can buy and can’t, based on your shape, you can choose one that will be more elegant, maybe even a little daring. Precious fabrics, original prints, backless dresses, necklines, anything goes as long as it is not exaggerated or in bad taste!

2) Men’s Suits

Do you need to pester icons like Marlene Dietrich to convince you how glamorous it is for a woman to wear a men’s evening suit? One thing is certain: if you see a woman in such a suit at a party, everyone will say, “Who is that girl?” Not to mention the priceless value of androgynous charm!

Of course, you don’t have to wear the suit your husband lent you, just a dinner jacket that fits you, designed especially for women. You can find all kinds, but if you don’t want to make a mistake, choose black. It’s not normal; it’s classic!

3) Skirts

It is not mandatory to wear a dress to a cocktail party unless the invitation says to wear a dress. Skirts are a valid option, as long as you have the right one and the freedom to choose. They can also be freely combined with tops, shirts, jackets, etc. You can make separate skirts and tops, coordinate them, and then have fun with accessories. In other words, use your inspiration to the fullest.

A tip: If you wear a short skirt, ensure it is longer than your arms when held at the waist. If your fingertips go past the hem of the skirt, that means it is too short, and you are in the disco zone.

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4) Shoes, An Important Accessory

Shoes are a basic accessory. Of course, it is essential to choose shoes that match not only your dress but also your other accessories. Also, you do not have to wear heels; if you are confident, you can wear ballerinas.

5) Must-Have Item: Clutch

So far we have had the freedom to choose from many options, after all, you have to go to the party. But maybe it’s time to establish the must-haves.

Whether your clutch bag is soft or hard, it is important not to carry too much, but only the essentials in an emergency. If you choose blue or black, use it to brighten up a dark suit or to create a contrasting pattern if you wear some kind of print.

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How do you like to dress up for cocktails? Let us know in the comments below!

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