The T-shirt: The Staple Item in Your Wardrobe

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In summer, what is more comfortable, cool and practical to wear than a t-shirt? We all love them, and probably have them in all colors but also with prints and decorations.

Whether you like them slightly tight, caressing the hips, or you love oversized ones, especially as loungewear, the question is, how do you wear a t-shirt when you have a large waist? The answer is as simple as you want it to be!

In fact, in this case, it’s not a question of size but of combination because, even if the t-shirt is seen as a casual garment, it can easily fit into an elegant or refined outfit. Let’s see how!

The Black Tee

The black t-shirt can be chosen among the abundant sizes.

For our part, we would use it primarily because it is very versatile and it can be used it in both casual and more demanding contexts.

Below, the two outfits are just an example of what we mean.

Cheeky and Young Look

  • If you want to hide wide hips or slightly rounded arms, wear the t-shirt under a colorful, loose-fitting, thinly-shouldered dress.
  • Pair with a pair of lightweight laceless sneakers, a beach bag with detailing that matches the dress and you’re ready for a night out with friends.
  • We recommend this outfit to young and dynamic girls who like to dress in a comfortable but original way.

Ethnic and Elegant Look

  • How to wear a black t-shirt in an elegant context? You need the right accessories and ethnic print pants.
  • In this case, to choose the outfit, we would play the card of safety by playing on black and white with metallic details. The belt will emphasize the waist, but will be worn over the t-shirt that will remain outside the pants.
  • The metal also characterizes the handle of the small cream-colored shoulder strap associated with high and wide heeled sandals with laces.

The White T-Shirt

  • Ah that good old white t-shirt! Practically always worn as a fast and sporty garment, it is used at the gym, when traveling and, if it is too big, as a head covering!
  • To be comfortable at home, you can use your boyfriend’s or husband’s T-shirt, which will probably be very big for you and very, very comfortable.

Traveler Look

  • Here, we want to try to give a different context to this much loved and used garment.
  • How do you wear a white t-shirt on vacation, maybe in an art city or by the sea, when the sun is beating down and it’s so hot? By insisting on white, even in cinched sizes, because who says oversize can’t dare white?
  • In this outfit, the only concession to total white is the black and white striped pants, made of cotton, cool and very light. The t-shirt will be worn inside the pants to highlight the bow of the latter and the shoes will again be sneakers but classic.
  • The outfit will be perfect with a light straw hat with a black brim reminding the pants. Add a large backpack or tote bag and you’ll be perfect for cool, comfortable travel.

Total Denim Look

  • Let’s face it, jeans and t-shirts have always been the best couple in the world, they even made us a movie and a song!
  • But not to be too boring, you can combine the classic stretch denim with a jacket with ‘rips’ and decorative patches. Plus, we recommend you add a little bag, perhaps with a nice logo or fun quirky image. This is definitely an outfit you would definitely flaunt, the purse draws attention, makes it less mundane and definitely fun.

With these tips you will definitely slay in a T-shirt. How do you usually combine them and which ones do you prefer? If you have any other advice on how to wear a t-shirt, please leave it in the

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