Hottest Trends For Spring 2022

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Let’s put away the coats and jackets; let’s bring back our cute spring clothes for 2022. Winter will be over anytime soon, and haven’t prepared yourself for spring? No worries, I got your back. I am the type of person who gets bored of winter very quickly; during the first weeks, I will be out showing off my trench coats and boots, but soon after, I want spring to hurry.

Winter is not that bad, but by far, spring and autumn are my favorite season as it is neither hot nor cold; they have a good amount of hot and cold, which allows me to wear makeup as I want. Let’s take a look at the hottest trends predicted by fashion experts for 2022

Low-Slung Waists

Low-Slung Waists

Do you not feel like high waist have been around for too long, dominating our wardrobes? This spring will give off 2000s vibes with the low-rise jeans. So, if you have your low-rise jeans in your wardrobe, give them a good shake as you will be using them in 2022. Have we not all waited for this time since a decade ago?

Pleated Skirts

Every time I think about a pleated skirt, it reminds me of the show ‘Clueless’ and its iconic pleated yellow plaid skirt. I loved that skirt and wanted to own one for so long; I guess that it is my time to shine. There are a lot of pleated skirts on the market now, for every taste- mini, midi, maxi, you name it.

Liquid Metal

I am a BIG fan. Long story short, when I was a little girl, I saw a liquid metal dress, and it was immaculate since then; I told myself that one I would own of these, and suddenly they got to vanish. I could not find a single one on the market that matches my taste and personality, but now, since it will be a trend, I will hopefully be able to find one that I like.

A liquid metal outfit is best for a cocktail, it will give you the perfect shine, and every eye will be on you. 

Super Sheer

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I will be rocking this one, but I think it will match many girls (or boys). This is a fun and informal trend that many people can pull very well.

Ultra Mini Skirt

Ultra Mini Skirt

Not only pleated skirt but also mini skirt will be the star of this season. Let’s show off our legs by wearing ultra mini skirts. Mini skirts are not a new ‘thing’. They have been trendy in the 90s, and if you haven’t noticed, many trends are coming back to life…

Strap Strap Strap

Since last year, this has been a trend, but we are not done with it yet, so we are bringing it back in 2022. Whether it is crisscrossing the back or the stomach, there are many ways to strap it up, you choose.

Highlighter Yellow

Highlighter Yellow

It is over this beige and brown phase; let’s bring back the funky colors NOW. We want the highlighter yellow, green, pink, orange- everything. And I dare you to wear it head to toe. Unleash your creativity and be colorful.


Just as the straps, this is not new. I think cutouts have been around for at least 2 years now, but what’s better than a long-term trend? This is very sustainable as you will reuse it, and it won’t end in the landfills after one season.

Underwear Outwear

In 2022, we will be daring and even wear our underwear as outwear- yes, you heard me right. Like the mesh trends- this is so fun and a little bit’ osée’ (daring). You can layer it with a beautiful blazer, or even a mesh top-it will be the perfect subtle form of sexy.

Are you ready for spring 2022? I bet that now you are with all these trends that I have mentioned, you can start to prepare yourself. Let us know in the comments which one of these trends you will pull off…

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