Wearing Shorts is for Every Woman (Part One)

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Women’s long shorts are perfect for everyday or for formal occasions. Shorts for women with the perfect length exist and in this article you will find them all. It is a bit complex to find the right one, it must cover what is necessary especially the areas that usually generate discomfort. It is necessary to opt for long shorts for women that follow the curve that makes up the lower back and buttocks. Let’s learn more!

The Most Flattering Pants

Give women’s long shorts a chance, the perfect length pant that everyone should have in their closet. They’re comfortable and classic, you can mix and match depending on the occasion and you’ll put together fabulous looks like these.

A Fresh and Chic Look

A peach colored mummy shorts will become your favorite piece of clothing, it is an amazing piece that you can take advantage of. This piece is comfortable and very chic, it looks great with a flirty black blouse (you need to wear it inside the pants).

With these clothes you will look great, to enhance the look you should add flat sandals or high heels. Don’t forget the accessories, add the simplest ones and a big black bag, this is a great look for the day!

Summer Outfit

With these denim shorts, loose in the thigh, you can adopt the coolest and most inspiring summer looks. The shorts are perfectly complemented by the green top and high beige sandals.

With this outfit, you’ll be ready to enjoy the summer, you’ll look amazing and, most importantly, you’ll be setting trends everywhere you go.

Cool and Glamorous Outfits

Make the most of summer by wearing a casual and glamorous look like this one. This is a very fresh and delicate proposal that you can put together with a black top, olive green high cut shorts and high sandals. Each piece of clothing makes this look very nice.

To enhance it, you should add some accessories like: earrings, gold necklaces and bracelets, black belt, sunglasses and a simple white handbag.

A white blazer, a white blouse, long jean shorts and high black sandals will be your allies to create an outfit similar to this one. Options you can wear for a special lunch or just to go out for dinner with your love.

This outfit stands out from the glamorous and casual outfits. You can get a lot out of these shorts, if you pair them with a blouse or a super colorful top and sneakers, you will create an everyday look.

Bermuda shorts are breaking the trend, with this piece you can compose the coolest and most inspiring outfits for the day or special occasions. This outfit with long denim shorts is perfect for going shopping or enjoying a delicious lunch with friends.


You can mix and match as you prefer, but with these clothes, it looks great. If you want to combine it, you must have it in your closet:

  • Super cool sweater
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Black high boots
  • Sunglasses
  • And a blue handbag

Long Shorts for the Chubby Ones

Having curves doesn’t stop you from wearing shorts and look at this outfit with long denim shorts. The example of outfit above is quite comfortable and cool, it looks great with the short long sleeve blouse and sneakers.

The accessories enhance this outfit, that’s why you should opt for small gold earrings and sunglasses.

There you are! With those tips, you should be able to slay in shorts for various special occasions. Want to learn more? Come back later to check the second part. Until then, what is your favorite pair of shorts? And when do you wear them? Do you have any tips styling them? Share all your tips in the comments below.

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