Fashion Trends: Ways to Wear Culottes

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Just when you thought they weren’t coming back… Surprise! There are some fashion trends that you think will never come back, and culottes are one of them.

You may be wondering what culottes are, right? Culottes are wide or flared leg pants that end below the knee or around the calf. Some people like them very much and get used to them; others don’t like them at all. We get it; culottes are not always a beautiful garment because the length of the pants makes the legs look shorter. However, culottes are versatile if you know how to wear them correctly.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Wearing Culottes?
Culottes visually split your legs in two, making you look a little shorter. On the other hand, culottes (because they resemble flared skirts) can make your legs look slimmer, as long as the pants are wide enough and that the hem does not end at the widest part of your calves.

Useful Tips

 Not that tall? Choose a model that is below the knee so that you still have some height.

 Do you have short legs compared to other parts of your body? Balance it out with an optical shift. Choose a high-waisted culotte.

 If you have wider hips, you can also achieve the principle of an A-line skirt in a pant form by choosing a model with a high waist.

 Culottes are wide, so wear a (tight) top or blouse inside the pants, or choose a short top. Consider the principle of wide + narrow.

 Are you feeling cold? Then choose tights that match the color of your culottes and shoes.

 Do you like prints? Then consider the size of the print and what you want to emphasize. Do you think it’s too much? Then choose a “basic model” in plain dark.

When To Wear Culottes?

Since these pants have short legs, you might think that culottes are more appropriate for spring and summer, but you can wear them all year round, depending on the fabric.

What makes these pants so great is that you can wear them for various occasions. Whether you’re going out for a chic dinner party or just relaxing on the couch and walking around town. It fits every look, even casual ones. They look great with an oversized t-shirt, leather jacket or duster on top, sneakers underneath, and a messy bun on top. Culottes are also great for work, weddings, weekends, etc.

What Shoes To Wear Under Culottes?

 Wearing nude-colored shoes underneath can visually make your legs look longer. Heels or high heels also look good under culottes.

 Wearing pumps under culottes is always a good idea because it gives you optical length.

 Do you like trainers? Then make sure that the hem of your pants is not at the thickest part of your calf but about two inches below.

 So you don’t want to wear trainers, but you want low shoes? Then choose shoes with a low top.

 It would be a shame to relegate culottes to the bottom of the wardrobe when the weather turns cold. These pants also look really good, especially in the fall. You can wear them with a fine, light knit and closed shoes such as loafers or trainers.

 If it is really cold, you can opt for a jumper or chunky knit and wear nice ankle boots under culottes. Choose a model that fits your ankle well (such as sock boots). They will instantly give your culottes an edgy touch.

What do you think of culottes? Do you often wear them or don’t dare to try them because you don’t know if they’ll work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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