How to Wash Your Underwear Properly?

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Undergarments are usually made of fine materials. Therefore, if you want to keep them looking like new for as long as possible, you need to take special care of them. A bad wash can permanently damage your underwear. So, how can you wash your underwear correctly to prevent unwanted fading, lumps, and clumps? Here are some tips to follow!


Before we try to advise you on how to care for your underwear correctly, it’s important to always consider the labels, tags, and indications that are usually put on the underwear by the manufacturers. Although they are not pleasant to read, tags are the essential information for caring for underwear made of a particular material, and that’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at them.

So, how should you wash your underwear to make them last longer and look better?


Before washing, it is recommended that you place your bras in a protective mesh bag or round case. The bag or case should not cause any damage to the lace, bones, or cup reinforcements, for example.

For bras made of fine materials, it is recommended to use liquid powder and, conversely, avoid using various fabric softeners. When washing bras in the washing machine, choose a delicate program with a maximum water temperature of 30℃ or wash by hand. Do not dry your bras in a tumble dryer.

Panties, Briefs, and Boxers

It may seem surprising, but panties, boxers, briefs, and other undergarments are best washed in a mesh bag or protective case.

Be sure to follow the above advice on temperature and washing programs and read the labels and tags in detail. For example, lace underwear and synthetic underwear (such as functional panties) are recommended to be washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C. If you plan to wash cotton underwear, you can wash them at 60°C, but the more common 40°C is just fine.

 Laundry Detergent
Laundry Detergent


First of all, always separate your socks by color. That is, light, dark, and colored, and this will help the colors last longer. If you repeatedly wash black socks and light socks together, the light socks may deteriorate faster. Turning colored socks upside down will prevent the color and saturation from degrading.

The degree of water temperature during washing depends on the sock. Classic and functional washes should ideally be done at 40°C, and thermal socks are recommended to be washed at a maximum of 30℃.

Tights and Stockings

It is also recommended to place stockings and tights in a protective net bag to easily prevent tearing and tangling during washing. Socks and tights should be safely washed at 30°C (86°F). However, do not tumble dry.

What Kind of Laundry Products Should You Use?

Use a liquid gel for washing underwear. This is because liquid gel dissolves faster than powder detergent.

Detergents can be divided into two categories: all-purpose detergents and specialty detergents. All-purpose detergents focus on washing efficiency, stain removal, and whiteness, for example. On the other hand, specialty detergents focus on specific issues, such as caring for delicate fabrics, preventing lumps, preserving the properties of functional garments, and eliminating bacteria on clothes.

Nowadays, many people prefer the so-called eco-washes, which is the use of common detergents in favor of more environmentally friendly ones. These eco-friendly detergents are also efficient, and there is no need to worry about them at all, except that their price may be a bit higher than ordinary detergents.


So, if you want to keep your underwear beautiful for as long as possible, always:

-Separate underwear by color.

-When washing underwear, place them in a protective mesh bag.

-Choose the right temperature and washing program

-Choose the suitable detergent for washing underwear

-Avoid drying in a tumble dryer

-Use gentle hand washing

-Read the manufacturer’s labels and indications carefully

We hope that these tips have been helpful to you and that you now know how to wash your underwear properly!

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