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Valuable Fashion Tips for Every Woman (Part One)

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If we don’t take excellent care of our clothes and fashion items, they can easily get damaged. Yet, there are tips you can use to ensure you avoid these mishaps. How many times have your stockings been torn? Have your clothes slipped off the hanger? Don’t know how to prevent this from happening? That’s why we’re here today! Continue reading today’s article.

Prevent Stockings from Tearing

Stockings are delicate garments and do not last as long as we would like especially thin ones. Often, when we put them on, we do the dreaded race with our fingernails or stretch them to accommodate and we don’t even get out on the street with the stockings without them breaking.

We have to be very careful when putting them on and check first that we don’t have broken nails or something they can get caught on.

One of the fashion tips for women that you need to know if you wear stockings and you want to avoid that they break easily, is that once you put them on, spray them with hairspray and you will see that they will last much longer.

If they’ve already been broken and you don’t have any other stockings to replace them with at that time, there’s still a possible solution! When you hang your stockings and they tear, it’s easy to get a cast on quickly, but you can put a little clear nail polish on them and it will prevent the run from spreading further.

Chewing Gum on Clothes

If you’ve got gum stuck to one of your favorite pieces of clothing and you obviously don’t want it to leave any marks, this is one of the fashion tips for women that never fails.

Run an ice cube over the affected area. This will harden the gum and it will gradually come off without leaving a trace.

Zippers That Get Stuck

Zippers That Get Stuck
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There are zippers that don’t slide well at the most inopportune time, and one of our tips that we need to know is that to make them go up and down easily, you can rub them with a pencil lead or put some Vaseline on them.

We can also put a little of the grease used to feed the clothes or leather accessories with a cotton swab. In this way, the zippers of clothes or accessories that are not worn or have not been used for a long time, will work without problems.

New Shoes and Rubbing

One of the most annoying things is to wear new shoes and get hurt. If you want to avoid scuffs in your shoes at first, you can apply a little Vaseline to the most scratch-prone areas and new shoes won’t become an ordeal!

Leather Clothing

If you have leather skirts or pants, you will have found that they are difficult to put on to avoid wrinkles.

It is best to hang them on clothes with clips, so they stay taut and keep their shape.

To keep the hanger mark off the waistband of the skirt or pants, you can fold a few cotton discs, like the ones used to remove makeup, and place them between the garment and the hanger. With these two tips, your leather or faux leather clothes will stay wrinkle-free and mark-free!

Washing Sportswear

To extend the life of sportswear, there are several fashion tips that can help us. The first thing to keep in mind is to always wash them in cold water.

It is also best that it is a short program and not to use fabric softener, this way they maintain the elastic better. With these tips, your sportswear will stay in good condition much longer and without losing the elastic.

With these fashion tips, your life could be easier. Do you want to learn more? Come back to check out the second part of this article. Until then, how about you? Do you have any other tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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