12 Looks That Will Help You Dress Well in 2023

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It is the start of a new year and one of your resolutions may be to dress better without making life difficult for yourself. We tend to think that elegance comes naturally, and while this is certainly the case, we assure you that learning to dress well is possible and easier than you think. We’ll show you the keys to dressing well in 2023, with stylist tips that will keep you looking stylish and current, following this year’s trends while focusing on practical looks. Take note!


How to Dress Well in 2023

  • Combine stylish clothes with trainers. They are very comfortable and add a modern touch to any look. Pegged trousers and trainers will be the experts’ favourite combination.
  • Use colour in your looks, beyond neutrals. Black, white and grey never fail, but colourful clothing will brighten up your outfits.
  • Mixing a jacket and jeans will always save you. It never fails and is a safe bet for all occasions and times of day.
  • Wear midi dresses with flat boots for the day. A foolproof, flattering and versatile combination.
  • Complete your look with a trendy bag. It will add the finishing touch to your outfit.
  • Mix daring pieces with classics. For example, leatherette trousers with a tweed jacket.
  • Pair your casual outfits with stilettos. This will transform them into much more elegant looks.


Below, we bring you some inspiring look ideas that will clearly demonstrate how to put these fashion tips into practice. Scroll down to discover them!

  1. Combine Elegant Clothes with Sports Shoes

Whether they are Converse-type sneakers, platform sneakers, retro aesthetics… The sneakers will give that modern touch to any daily look.

  1. Use Color in Your Looks

The ‘total black’ never fails, but colorful looks lift your spirits and rejuvenate a lot.

  1. Use Color in Your Looks

We encourage you to opt for one of the trendy colors such as fuchsia, orange or green. For a sure hit, you can wear them in a ‘total look’ format or combine them with white or black.

  1. Jacket and Jeans

The combo that never fails and that you can take both to the office and to a dinner with friends.

  1. Midi Dresses with Flat Ankle Boots

Combine your midi dresses with flat ankle boots to get comfortable, modern and stylish looks.

  1. Complete Your Looks with a Trendy Bag

You can elevate a warm and practical look by adding a good bag.

  1. Mix Daring Pieces with Other Classic Ones

There are timeless garments that never go out of style, as is the case with tweed jackets. Combine them with other trends to go to the last.

  1. Mix Daring Pieces with Other Classic Ones

As is the case when combining the cargo skirts that are so popular this season with classic loafers.

  1. Add Stilettos to Your Casual Outfits

Do you dare to combine a sweatshirt and jogger pants with stilettos? Our experts definitely say yes.

  1. Create Your Wardrobe Based on Uniforms

As boring as it may seem, resorting to certain uniforms or clothing combinations, which fit your style and preferences, is the biggest statement of personality. And that is in the end one of the best tricks to dress well.

  1. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Dressing well is also a matter of experimenting, testing and taking risks. From choosing to combine opposite prints to contrasting different garments and textures can lead you to achieve your best look.

  1. The Boho Bomber with Sports Shoes

The influencers will definitely love a boho bomber that bring a rejuvenating effect. And, we suggest combining it with pleated pants and sneakers. We love the result!

There you are! With those looks, you can be sure to slay 2023. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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