Spring/Summer 2023: The Trendiest Colours for Party Dresses (Part One)

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Turn your wardrobe into a rainbow with the on-trend colours for Spring/Summer 2023 evening dresses. You’ll find some shades that are ideal for beautiful models and others that can be worn as accessories and shoes. Find out what feelings each of these colours conveys and which details are best suited to enhance and complement them. Become the trendiest guest of 2023 and find the perfect shade for your personality, just let the colour take you!

As it does every season, Pantone announces in its Fashion Colour Trend Report which palettes and colour guides will be the international trend. Their reports are based on the colours that predominated on the main haute couture catwalks: New York and London. For Spring/Summer 2023, Pantone proposes a palette that combines comfort and adventure. The shades are designed to evoke liberation and tranquillity, each one evoking its own unique sensations. Get to know them all and update your wardrobe with the most spectacular fashion colours!

Fiery Red (Pantone 18-1664)

Pantone defines Fiery Red as a charged red with high energy intensity. This reddish shade is ideal for highlighting evening events, especially indoors, although its subtlety makes it suitable for early morning events in gardens and glamorous marquees.
It’s also a colour that looks great in coordinated jumpsuits and two-pieces, especially with angular patterns and straight cuts. Fire red is very easy to combine with black elements, especially if they have a bit of shine: bags, belts and patent leather pumps will create a very elegant effect that you will want to show off in romantic and elegant weddings.

Beetroot Violet (Pantone 18-2143)

This “emboldened fuchsia that represents the fruits of nature” is so vibrant and warm that it exudes creativity and optimism. Strongly associated with romance and femininity, it is said to promote softness and kindness.
It is a very appropriate colour for morning and daytime weddings, although it can be used at any time, especially outdoors as it is a magnetic colour that catches the natural light. You are likely to find beetroot purple in nail polishes and lipsticks that you will want to incorporate into your outfit.

Tangerine (Pantone 15-1335)

According to the Pantone description, this “vitaminic, tangy and tasty orange” refers to citrus flavours and is intended to be fresh and stimulating. Reminiscent of oranges, it is an invigorating and fun colour that will attract a lot of attention, making it ideal for outdoor weddings, on terraces or in rooms with large windows.
The best colours to pair with it are non-contrasting shades, such as soft oranges, and non-contrasting neutrals, such as ivory, beige and sand. It’s great for evening weddings, but will really shine at morning celebrations.

Peach Pink (Pantone 15-1530)

Peach pink is another trendy orange for spring and summer, and you’ll want it in your wardrobe for sunset weddings. You can also wear it at night in well-lit interiors, although remember that it’s very subtle and you’ll want to accentuate it with natural light.

According to Pantone, it is a “nurturing peach hue that invites a warm embrace”. It’s a very soft tone that you can enjoy if you like floral or geometric prints; you can even find it in animal prints. Bring peach pink to life with gold bracelets and earrings, and incorporate it into scarves and hair bands.

Empire Yellow (Pantone 14-0756)

Empire Yellow is “a bright yellow that radiates joy”. This striking colour will be irresistible at evening parties, especially on beaches, terraces and modern gardens, as it is a very exciting colour for cocktail dresses and will also work well with shoes and trench coats.

This shade of yellow can be worn with a little contrast, so you can combine it with green and blue belts, bags and capes. To adapt this colour to a morning wedding, use accessories in shades of white or grey: they’ll be a hit at elegant weddings, while for bohemian weddings you can use fabrics such as jute and linen in hats and scarves to accentuate it.

Crystal Pink (Pantone 12-1708)

Ideal for indoor weddings or a glamorous garden, this shade of pink evokes innocence, softness and simplicity. Pantone defines it as “a light pink that conveys modern romance”. “It is so versatile that it can be used in chic, elegant, romantic or even minimalist looks.

Its contrast with black looks great in modern weddings, so you can accessorise with scarves, headpieces and even gloves. You can also wear Crystal Rose with ivory tones for formal weddings. Because it is soft and understated, it can work well for bridesmaids’ processions or VIP guests looking for a delicate, feminine touch; brides who want a second look with pops of colour can also take advantage of this shade.

Here you are! Wearing one of those colours will surely make you the trendiest guest of the party. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Want to get more fashionable colours? Come back to check the second part of our article.

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