Short Wedding Dresses Are Not to Be Overlooked

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Not every woman has dreamed of wearing those princess cut wedding dresses that have graced fairy tales since the beginning of time. It is clear that love is not measured in meters of wedding dresses. That’s why, inspired by the trends of short evening gowns, most companies are already including above-the-knee designs in their catalogs. And in today’s article, let’s learn more about those short wedding dresses.

Short wedding dresses are a great option for women who are fashion forward and even a bit revolutionary. They are perfect for confident brides with a lot of personality. But they also fit more relaxed protocols if what you are looking for are wedding dresses for a civil wedding. Comfort, style and etiquette go hand in hand.

One Bride, One Cut

In fashion, there’s nothing written or stylish that lasts 100 years intact. And although it is normal to be inspired by trends in wedding dresses, it is best for each woman to search through all the images of wedding dresses to find an outfit that suits her personality and flatters her figure.

When it comes to comparing long wedding dresses, princess and A-line cuts are a good choice to compensate and balance the figure. But they also exist in their short version. Cinched at the waist, skirts that flare out to create full silhouettes flatter almost every body type. In addition to helping hide wide hips and thighs, they create the optical hourglass effect so sought after in wedding dresses for curvy women. Not to mention if you also choose a midi length type, up to mid-calf.

But if you like the fitted silhouettes of mermaid wedding dresses, in short outfits, you will be fascinated by the skirts penalized to the knee, centimeters above, and centimeters below.

Round necklines, illusion necklines, V-necklines, strapless necklines, spaghetti straps, sleeveless wedding dresses with shoulder pads, tattoo effects on the arms… When the legs are exposed, a whole world of fantasy can be built around the necklines and arms. Remember that there are necklines for brides depending on the silhouettes, but the V-neck is almost universal and suits almost all women.

The Fabrics

Who said that lace wedding dresses can only exist in the classic models in long version? The time has come to banish preconceived ideas. You will not find only tulle in modern wedding dresses, and lace and pearls are not exclusive to the baroque style either.

Since short wedding dresses can be the ideal style for ceremonies that shun strict and corseted protocols, wispy fabrics predominate among them. The loose falls and free movement of this type of textures are recurrent. But there are also structured dresses whose volume gives the elegant accent typical of bridal fashion.

Details such as XXL bows, three-dimensional patterns, colors other than the traditional white and transparencies also add strength to this clash between long and short dresses. As well as asymmetries, which in this case serve to combine the transgressiveness of short skirts with traditional wedding dresses.

Brides with a Practical Sense

Perhaps you are considering the possibility of wearing a short wedding dress because you simply do not want it to be abandoned after the civil wedding. For these types of ceremonies, the same rigid protocols as for religious weddings don’t apply. Dare to defy the tradition of bridal white with an outfit of color. Short evening gowns offer many options, have you explored them yet?

Listen to what your personality has to say. Whether you opt for a vibrant color or muted pastels, let the result be a dress you feel identified with. Best of all, after the wedding, you can use it as a cocktail dress for another event. Two for one!

What’s your interest in short wedding dresses? Let us know in the comments below.

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