5 Alternatives to the Bra (More Comfortable but Just as Efficient)

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The choice to not wear a bra and to be free from the pressure of underwires is attracting more and more women and has become one of the most popular trends this summer.

This choice is closely related to the history of the bra and was made at many historical moments, such as in the 1970s, when underwear designed to support and enhance the breasts was perceived as a symbolic object of social oppression, in conjunction with the women’s liberation movement.

If you are also one of the many women who choose not to wear a bra for an evening or forever, here are the best alternatives to the bra!

1) Wearing Nothing Under the Dress

An alternative to the bra is the freedom to not wear a bra, either for one night or forever. Just as the accidental cup and underwire of the early part of the last century was a huge success, many women choose this path, and after trying it on, many give it up to enjoy a more comfortable and free life.

If you’re feeling too “exposed”, try silicone nipple covers, which are readily available at lingerie stores.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a “soft” alternative that completely abandons underwear to support your cleavage, you can still go for some good options that will make you feel comfortable and free from the discomfort of underwires.

2) Crop Tops

In the hot no-bra summer, the most worn item was the crop top, and we saw many people of all ages, from VIPs to regular women, wearing them.

Whether worn without a bra, in a more fitted version, or with a crossover neckline, it is a versatile and trendy garment that provides high and firm support for the bust and is undoubtedly the most practical and “stylish” alternative to the traditional underwire.

Crop tops are also great because they can be worn with any outfit, from casual and sporty to glamorous. In other words, crop tops are suitable for any occasion, especially if you know how to play well with combinations.

3) Bandeau Top

A great alternative to a bra is the bandeau top. Simple, straightforward, and therefore versatile, strap tops made of stretch fabric that fits snugly against the body are a great alternative to bras for supporting the figure and décolleté.

Additionally, this garment has the advantage of highlighting even the most petite breasts, and if you want to enhance the push-up effect, opt for a shapely neckline. In short, there are many reasons to choose a bra or to wear it instead of a bra.

Sydney Microfibre Bandeau Bra Top - | Tezenis

4) Stretch Tank Tops

A nice stretch tank top can be basic no-bra wear. These garments can also be considered undergarments or garments worn under a jacket or as a top.

In other words, tank tops have an infinite number of combinations and outfits that can be used for casual styles and formal and elegant occasions. There is a model for every need, from the basics to those with precious details such as lace and sequins.

5) Body

Perhaps coincidentally, along with the no-bra and crop top, the bodysuit has made an overwhelming comeback in recent months: this garment, which was on the verge of being forgotten after its great success at the end of the 20th century, has made a comeback that the “survivors” of the 1990s still cannot believe until today.

Bodysuits are also “multi-tasking” garments that can be used as underwear. Choose a very stretchy fabric and a sweetheart neckline to accentuate and support your figure. They are more free and comfortable than wearing a bra and work great!

Ring Detail Body Black | NA-KD

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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