Your Number One Guide To Corset And Waist Trainer

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There are a lot of people that may confuse corset and waist trainer – thinking that it may be the same thing. It is true that both of these gadgets can help you have a slimmer look around the waist. Although both have those similar criteria, they do have some differences that we will go through in this article.

Do you remember that epic scene from the movie Titanic, where Rose’s mother was putting on her corset- this scene seems so painful. Today, the corset is back on track with the Kardashian. However, many times they have to advertise corsets as waist trainers, though it has the ability to reduce the waistline I think that its time to put out there some facts about waist trainers and corsets.

What Is A Corset?

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The corset is a backless undergarment with steel bonding and lacing. The thing with corsets is that tugging the laces tightens the fit, making the body appear more synched and allowing you to show off a smaller waistline.

What Is A Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is made up of latex with a hook and eye closure. As waist trainers are made from a compression material, your body will appear inches thinner. Lately, waist trainers have been popularized by the Kardashian, as they claim that this is where their hourglass figures comes from.


Compared to what many think waist trainers and corsets have been around for a long time- back in the 16th-century ladies were wearing corsets. Corsets were originally made of only silk fabric but later on rods were incorporated for a more fitted look.

It is believed that waist trainers are from the 16th century and nowadays celebrities are endorsing the use of waist trainers in more breathable material without rods.

Differences Between Corset And Waist Trainers

The first difference that you may notice is in the material. Corsets are mostly made of satin, cotton and leather as these materials are softer and the flexible rod can be easily added- also they are more sophisticated materials as corsets are supposed to be sophisticated.

Waist trainers are mostly made of spandex, latex or nylon so that it is possible to reduce the size of the waistline and create a lean physique. These fabrics do not require rods.

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Both of these undergarments are designed to be worn beneath clothes to provide the appearance of a more toned figure. You should see an overall reduction in inches around your waistline if you wear either the corset or the waist trainer for more than 8 hours every day.

The beauty of this underwear is that it can help you lose weight over time. The corset, on the other hand, appears big to wear beneath your clothes, despite the fact that it is excellent at removing inches from your body depending on your body type and form.

The waist trainer is comprised of a smoother fabric that easily coats the body, attempting to make the tummy appear flattered. Many individuals wear a waist trainer to the gym to achieve maximum weight reduction, but you can also wear it beneath your clothes to maintain an hourglass form everywhere you go.


There are benefits to wearing either undergarment, but there are also drawbacks to both. For starters, the corset is more rigid and long-lasting, but it is also more difficult to put on.

The disadvantage of the waist trainer is that using it too frequently carries a number of hazards. It has the potential to harm your ribs and bones, as well as upset your digestive system.

However, you cannot wear a corset to the gym, for running, or for other comparable activities, however, you may wear your waist trainer wherever you go.

You now know the differences between corset and waist trainer, and we have share with you the benefits and drawbacks for you to choose whether you want to try them out. Let us know in the comments if you want to try one of them out and for what reasons…

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