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Your Must-Have Outfits for a Rainy Day

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Temperatures drop, two drops fall and we are already overwhelmed. We had endless outfits designed for fall days and it turns out that the rain has thrown them on the ground. When it’s cold and especially when it rains, panic sets in for the most fashionistas and the eternal question arises: what should I wear on a rainy day?

Bad weather (depending on the person) is not necessarily synonymous with boring looks and it does not even have to pose a schism when we sit in front of the closet to decide how to survive a rainy day with a lot of style.

We have to take advantage of the opportunities that the weather offers us and turn what seemed like an inconvenience into a point in our favor. If when it’s hot we enjoy our most cheerful skirts, when it rains we have endless possibilities with which to achieve the most rolling look of the season and today, that’s exactly what we are going to look at! Enjoy your reading!

The ” Total Black ” with a Trench

We love the looks that have black as the protagonist because only the color already gives the touch to the style. Go for a total black look and give it a touch of color with the green trench coat that is stored in your closet since March. This is the look with the most roll for rainy days and it doesn’t need you to complement it with more colors because it would break the harmony.

You can also bet on leather boots (so you don’t get your feet wet) also black and a minimalist bag to give a chic touch.

A Sailor’s Look for Rainy Days

T-shirts, sweaters, dresses… any garment with sailor stripes is always a hit, and it looks like this year the navy aesthetic is trending more than ever. Throw on a pair of jeans and a striped sweater to give your rainy day look that Parisian vibe we love. Wear it in a more sophisticated version with a blazer and ankle boots or put it on for a more casual look with some good rubber boots.

A Splash of Color for Grey Days

Who says rainy days are gray and boring? Break the cloudiness and add a splash of color to your outfit. We love yellow or red raincoats because they offer a casual, youthful look to make rainy days more fun. Opt for a blue or black look and add a pop of color to your outfit with a colorful raincoat.

Animal Prints, Always!

Animal Prints, Always!

The animal print is always synonymous with sophistication, so if you want a chic look for a rainy day, become an American with this pattern. Although the print of the season is zebra print, it seems too risky for a blazer, so we suggest a look with snake print. And let’s be honest, this item is always in your closet because you know it’s a must-have but you never find the opportunity to wear it. Well, a rainy day is the perfect time to show it off!

Green Parka for a Casual outfit

It’s not a trench coat and it’s not a raincoat either, but the military green parka is another must-have on a rainy day. It’s a little more informal looking than a trench or raincoat and that’s why we love it.

Jeans and XXL sweater

This is our favorite outfit and we couldn’t wait to get it out of the closet. The combination of jeans and XXL sweater is perfect for rainy days (and any fall/winter day). Comfortable, warm and with roll, this outfit should definitely be in our top 10.

There you have them; the essential outfits for rainy days! And for your summer days? What are your must-haves? Share them with us in the comments below!

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