Types of Loafers To Wear For Different Occasions

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We all want to slip on a pair of moccasins as soon as the sun comes out. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear, what could be better for mid-season? The perfect ally for summer temperatures and warm weather. Equipped with a leather insole, this style is a must-have in both women’s and men’s wardrobes and guarantees perfect breathability, even if spring mornings turn into hot days.

There are different types of loafers: classic, preppy leather loafers, more casual suede loafers, platform loafers with sporty accents, etc. Loafers are simply timeless items that go with any style and any season.

What Kind of Pants Do You Pair Your Moccasins With?

Moccasins are exquisite shoes that can be worn with any combination of styles and materials. Leather, suede, patterned, or perforated, these shoes can be worn with all kinds of pants, depending on the occasion. In terms of looks, the challenge is to find pants of the right length that fit around the ankle or hang gently over the shoes. To achieve this, choose seven-tenths length pants or have a wider hem. Flannel pants are elegant, while raw or washed jeans are casual.

Which Loafers For a Wedding?

Loafers are a smart and flattering choice for summer parties and weddings ahead! Try to find collections that offer loafers to celebrate the arrival of summer, from a true classic to an eye-catching tasseled version. Pair them with a blue suit for men and a floral dress for women for comfort and lightness, perfect for dancing the night away.

Casual or Preppy: Transitional Loafers, Which Will You Wear?

The penny loafer, which was primarily designed for American college students, is one of the styles we’re recommending this spring. If you’re into British chic styles, we recommend loafers that can be worn with long dresses and skinny jeans. When the temperature rises, sprinkle talcum powder on the friction area between the leather and the shoe to prevent shoe chafing.

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Which Moccasins Should I Get for My Holiday?

The sound of the waves, the smell of sea, sand, and salt calls for a vacation. Lightweight and elegant, the moccasin is the perfect shoe model to accompany you on vacation. These shoes take up little space and are also super comfortable so that you can walk for long periods. Whether you are strolling through the streets and museums of the capital or enjoying a drink by the sea, the moccasin is perfect for casual wear day or night. Wear them with white jeans, linen pants, a sailor hat, a light jacket, and a wool hat.

How To Wear Mocassins To The Office?

For a comfy and classy office attire, look no further than brown suede, patent leather or light leather loafers. These sleek, urban shoes with elegant lines will provide a dash of sophistication to any work attire. As for the pants, you can opt for jeans, chinos, and even suit pants for important meetings. For a top, you can choose a simple T-shirt, a striped shirt, or a blazer if the temperature is warmer.

How Can Fashion-conscious Folks Wear Loafers During Winter?

If you like to make bold choices and break the rules of the look, moccasins won’t be done surprising you just yet. Choose a model with a fun motif to pair with leather moccasins and wool socks for a chic, cold-weather look. Women: keep your legs warm with plain or patterned tights: a trendy and easy to wear combination.

Here's how to wear your summer loafers this winter

Let us know if these few tips have helped you and tell us what type of loafers you prefer in the comments below!

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