Different Types of Shoes You Can Wear With Jeans

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The outstanding garments present in wardrobes around the world are certainly jeans. Whether for casual or chic and elegant occasions, these versatile pants are suitable for all body types.

To change the look of jeans and make them even more fashionable and appropriate for the occasion, the right shoes must be chosen. This is about an essential accessory that will emphasize the overall look and our entire figure if appropriately chosen. Whether it is sports shoes, flat sandals, pumps, or boots, jeans go with everything. The important thing is choosing the right shoes for the right occasion.

First of all, it must be said that fashion has changed and created different models of jeans with it. There are all kinds and types, from high-waisted to low-waisted, from narrow legs to wide legs. Each person has his or her own reasons, and each person has his or her own shoes that are suitable for him or her.

So let’s take a look at the models of jeans and the shoes that go with them together to express strength and sexiness!

1) Flared Jeans

Fashion is cyclical and will surely return periodically, and if the flared jeans craze was insane in the 60s, today the flared jeans are becoming a sensation once again. To reinforce this denim model, making the cork wedge look great in the summer is essential. Conversely, in winter, ankle boots are a great way to emphasize the shape of the flare from the knee down. As for the color of the shoes, they can be of any color or pattern. The perfect shoes are still ankle boots with block heels.

The length of the pants should be approximately the same as the ankles. Heeled shoes with ankle straps can be worn with this style if the pants have decorative hems and there is an opportunity to accentuate them with shoelaces.

2) Slim Jeans

Strictly high heels are ideal for the slim jean model, once called “cigarette” jeans. Boots or cleats are also good, but keep the tone sophisticated with shoes that elongate the body (preferably suede ones).

3) Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are another very sexy model of jeans loved by women, but they also work well with boots. For women who are a little slimmer, they can be worn with gym shoes for a more casual, sporty tone.

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4) Heeled Shoes

If we have looked in detail at the best jeans models and the shoes that go with them, we now go the other way. In other words, we will discuss specific shoe models and how to pair them with jeans.

Of course, some models fit well or come in very light colors or even quirky pastel colors. That way, you will be the queen of the place, whether in the office or at the disco.

5) Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are also popular with both young and older women. These shoes have a visible high platform and are ideal for wearing under black jeggings.

These combinations are suitable for both day and evening wear. Once you try it, you will find that you can’t live without it.

6) Trainers

So-called boyfriend jeans or denim stolen from his wardrobe are literally adding to the depopulation of our country. These pants can only be paired with beautiful trainers but can also go well with high heels. Ideally, they should be reminiscent of male models, but strangely enough, this one touches the female body and looks more sensual.

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What type of shoes do you like wearing under jeans? Let us know in the comments below!

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