How To Choose the Right Earrings?

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Earrings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that can make any outfit more stylish. But how do you choose earrings that will accentuate your face as well as your dress? Or how do you know if the earrings you want to give as a gift will look good on the person? No problem. This blog will give you several tips to help you!

Earrings That Fit the Shape of Your Face

An important factor in choosing earrings is the shape of your face. Choosing earrings that are the opposite of the shape of your face will give you a better balance. This way, the good parts of your face are emphasized, and the not-so-good parts are camouflaged. Below are some of the most common face shapes and their corresponding earrings.

Round Face

Do you have a round face and want to make your face look vertically elongated? Then go for elongated earrings. Square-shaped earrings can also help soften the round shape of your face. For example, consider square earrings or earrings with square stones. Avoid round-shaped earrings or stud earrings. These have an accent effect and can make your face look rounder.

Elongated Face

Short earrings can make your face look shorter. Do you have a narrow face as well as a long face? Then choose short earrings that are wide at the same time. This will not only make your face look a little shorter but also a little wider. Ear studs are ideal for this face shape. These come in a variety of shapes, such as a square or triangle. Avoid elongated earrings.

Oval Face

The oval face is so well balanced that you can actually have it all with this face shape. Earrings, piercings, studs, anything will do. However, you should only avoid long earrings under the chin. This makes your face look elongated and unbalanced.

Classic Elegance Stud Earrings
Classic Elegance Stud Earrings

Square Face

Unlike a round face, a square face looks best with round earrings. The round shape softens the corners of the face and makes it look slimmer. Make sure your earrings are round in shape. Drop-shaped earrings also look good. Square earrings should be avoided.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and narrow chin, so drop-shaped earrings are recommended. A wide lower part makes the chin look wider, while a narrow upper part makes the forehead look narrower. Round or oval-shaped earrings are also recommended as they make the face look wider.


Do you wear specs? Again, everyone has their own way of combining earrings. The color and style of the frame and the material of the glasses are important here. Here are some tips on how to choose a great pair of earrings that will look great with your glasses.

Acrylic Frames

Acrylic frames are beautifully accentuated by several shimmering elements—for example, earrings with cubic zirconia or diamonds. Of course, you can also opt for non-traditional gemstones. Consider gemstones that match the color of the frame, such as sapphires for blue glasses and rubies for red glasses.

Silver or Gold Frames

For silver or gold glasses, it is important to match the color of the glasses with the color of the earrings. For silver specs, choose silver or white gold earrings. For gold frames, white or rose gold is a good choice.

Classic or Modern frames

Narrow or classic frames? For modern frames, go for modern earrings or earrings with unique shapes. Classic models look great with diamond earrings or the classic of all classics, pearl earrings.

Rose gold earrings Bridal earrings White pearls earrings Simple  bride earrings
White pearls earrings

What types of earrings do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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