Tips on What to Wear and What to Avoid Wearing on 3 Specific Occasions

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Finding the ideal look for the right occasion can be a daunting task. But today, you’ve reached the perfect blog; we will give you tips to follow to choose the right outfit on specific occasions. Keep reading.

1. A Shopping Day

You can let your imagination run wild. Depending on your mood and taste, wear light and colorful clothes. Take out your sneakers or your ballerinas so that you can be comfortable all day and continue shopping until you get “bored”. The must-have outfit for shopping days is the cowboy.
-If you’re short and slim: put on a pair of skinny jeans that can be combined with a long plaid shirt and ballet flats.
-If you are tall and thin: all jeans will fit you. You can wear them with an asymmetrical long sleeve top and a long necklace.
-If you are tall and
curvy: choose “elephant leg” pants and wear flat fabric sneakers. Pair your jeans with a tight top, a cotton vest, necklaces or earrings and a large fabric bag for a very bohemian trendy look.
– If you’re short and curvy: wear skinny jeans with ballet flats, accompanied by a jacket or a small blouse to give your clothes a dynamic touch.

Avoid: the micro-bag, in which you will not have the space to store all your things. Heels are not allowed during a day of shopping. If you can’t do without them, wear boots with small heels or ankle boots.
Do not wear tight pants or leggings. They’re pretty hard to take off and put back on every time you try something on.

2. A First Restaurant Date

There’s no need to go overboard on this first date. You’re going out to dinner, so keep your style simple but still attractive. Show off your assets:

-You have a generous chest: Show it off. Show off your cleavage! Choose a colorful top, preferably plain or patterned. Pair it with jeans, a thin belt and boots.
-If you have a small chest and a bulging buttocks: wear a larger top, with a long necklace or a maxi necklace. Pair it with skinny jeans to show off your butt. Accentuate your curves with high heels.
-If you’re tall and thin: try a colorful tunic with a wide belt and cute boots.
-If you are short and curvy: wear a feminine dress in sober colors, not too short and with nice shoes.
Straight or curly hair suits you!

To avoid: a total sexy look, do not wear a low-cut if you wear a mini-skirt. Avoid the provocative look. Don’t take off your leather clothes and your super tight top at the same time.

3. At a Pub with Friends

To seduce and have fun, it’s important to be yourself, showcasing, yes, your qualities. The look you should adopt for a night out with friends in a public place depends on your intentions and your morphology.

– If you’re tall and thin, you don’t need to overdo it. Wear skinny jeans, ankle boots, an elegant chocolate or caramel top if you’re blonde, or pastel or fuchsia if you’re brunette, with a nice long necklace.
– If you’re short and curvy: wear high-waisted flared jeans to hide excessive curves, and a pastel blouse that you can tuck inside. Try wearing high boots and your figure will look more stylish.
-If you’re short and slim, try a mini skirt, pair it with a chic shirt for contrast and ankle boots.
-If you have a nice bust and narrow hips: wear a tunic with a waist belt, leggings and ankle boots.
-You have a small chest and rather marked hips: wear large tops and tight jeans.

Wearing some jewelry and a belt with rhinestones is the best recipe to decorate your clothes with style. Of course, without overdoing it.

To avoid: Very dark colors are forbidden in the evening. Avoid too casual clothes, it is better to stay in a chic look with a sexy attitude.

There you are! With those tips, you now have a better idea of what to wear and to avoid on certain specific occasions. Do you have any more tips that we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments below.

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