8 Bra Tricks That Will Change Your Life

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For many girls, bras are almost a necessity, but they can be very tricky. For instance, finding the right size can be a challenge, but so can problems like falling straps, wires, and unnatural necklines. Fortunately, women have been wearing bras for a long time, and in that time, they have found many tips and tricks to help them get through the most embarrassing situations. If you’re a bra wearer, please take a look at these life-changing tips!

1) Turn Your Old Bras Into Backless Bras

Simply cut the bottom of the straps where they meet the back and where the back meets the cups. Then you will have a bra cup with two free straps. The bottom of the straps can then be sewn to the bottom of the cup and worn like a backpack!

2) Sew Tabs on Your Vest To Prevent the Straps From Sticking Out

If you don’t want the bra straps to stick out of the tank top, make a small support at the hem of the tank top to hold the straps in place.

3) For Shorter Dresses and Tops, Make an Extension of the Bra Straps

Low-back dresses are very flirty, but if your bra is visible, it will ruin your look. If you don’t have a particular bra with extra straps that wrap around the front and pull down the straps in the back for backless tops, you can make one yourself for very little money.

Cut a strip of elastic the same size as your rib cage. Then, take the bra’s hook extender and cut the hook away from your eye. Sew both sides of the elastic in reverse so that it can be crocheted like a regular bra clasp. Then, simply hook the extender onto one side of the bra clasp, wrap it around your back to the front of your waist, cross it over, and hook it onto the other strap of the bra.

4) Are the Straps Causing Pain on Your Shoulders?

Slide silicone pad under the strap of your bra. This relieves the pressure caused by the pull of the belt and prevents grooves in the skin. This is great for a quick fix or special bras with extremely thin straps, but have a professional bra fitting done if this is a constant problem. You may have to go down one band size and one cup size because the straps are trying too hard and digging into your shoulders.

5) Replace Your Regular Bra With a Strapless Bra That Actually Fits

Get a regular bra strap (or an additional one from a bra with removable straps), hook one side to the back of the bra, run it around your back and hook the other side to the back of the bra. It’s super easy and makes a great strapless bra.

6) Secure the Stinging Underwire Bra With a Moleskin

You don’t need to buy a new bra if you have an underwire coming out. Just go to the store and buy some moleskin pads and glue them around the small holes in the bra.

Balconette Bra
Balconette Bra

7) Washing Your Bra

You can wash the bra by hand or put it in a special bag and wash it in the washing machine. Bras should not be put in the dryer, but air drying will take a little longer. Remember not to hang the straps of the bra on a clothesline.

8) Sports Bra

Take your sports bra in the shower after training. You can wash it by hand while you’re already in the shower. This way, your sports bra will last much longer.

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