What to Consider When Choosing Your Engagement Outfit

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It is likely that the engagement ring presentation took place at an intimate dinner or at a special time for the couple. This does not mean that the formal proposal should be omitted in front of their loved ones, who are sure to rejoice in their upcoming union. This is the first event that brings both families together and where thoughts of love flow to you for the important step you are about to take, but how should the engaged couple dress on this day? Take note of the following tips to achieve the perfect look for this special occasion.

Will It Be a Formal or Informal Gathering?

The first thing to determine is the formality of the meeting. This will define where the proposal will take place. Will it be in a fancy restaurant or in a relaxed atmosphere? In the home of one member of the couple’s family or the one they already share?

Once the venue is decided, they can then get down to the business of choosing their attire. The idea is not to dazzle them as if it were the wedding day, but to live up to the event. A cocktail dress, for example, can be as versatile as you like.

When Will the Actual Engagement Take Place?

Other important details are the date and time. It’s not the same to choose clothes for a daytime event as for a nighttime event, the accessories will also be different depending on the time. You wouldn’t wear the same look in April as you would in November either, would you? The colors that are in style in a certain season, as well as the weather, influence.

In spring-summer, even if a specific tone is in fashion, it’s usually the bright colors that stand out: yellow, pink, turquoise, lime green, orange and blue are the ideal tones. On the other hand, in fall-winter, wine, green, red, mustard, ultraviolet, blue, gray and ochre predominate.

What Is the Right Clothing?

You already know the day, time and place. Now you do! What to wear? If you’re a classic bride, define your style on that first date. Wear a plain dress, which can be long, midi or with a circle skirt, choose discreet accessories and a neat hairstyle. Sneakers work well with this look.

Are you a romantic? In this case, the ideal is to wear an ensemble with lace applications and a pencil skirt. Go for pastel colors and sneakers of the same color and accessories in a range of white and gold. A hairstyle with easy braids and voila!

Bohemian brides shouldn’t miss out on floral details in their outfit. A maxi dress with three-quarter sleeves, a fresh fabric and a floral or geometric pattern will be enough to accentuate your personality and make you look beautiful. Wear pretty sandals and loose hair to accentuate your casual look.

Some brides-to-be are fashion-forward and want to be noticed in every detail. If you are one of them, a jumpsuit or two-piece set is a good option. As for accessories, long earrings or flashy necklaces cannot miss, gather your hair entirely to be the protagonists.

Recycle an Outfit or Buy Something New

Already have an idea of what to wear based on your personality? Now it’s time to take a look in the closet to see if you have the perfect piece of clothing or one that you can complete your look with.

A Top, a Skirt, Sneakers, a Bag?

If your budget allows it, do yourself a favor and go shopping! If you opt for more classic clothes, they will surely be useful for other occasions.

The decision doesn’t have to be difficult, the important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable with what you wear. The proposal should be a special event with your loved ones. Without a doubt, your look of love and a big smile will be what stands out the most from your look on that day.

There you are! Now, choosing your engagement outfit should be less of a daunting task. What style do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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