Tips for Choosing the Perfect Royal Blue Evening Dress

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Nothing should overshadow the emotion you felt when you received the wedding invitation. Don’t even think about declining it just because the outfits you’ve reviewed so far don’t match your personality. In fact, you’ve been wanting to wear a royal blue dress to the event but you’re tired of looking for it and don’t really know which one you should choose. If this is you, you’ve reached the right article! Today, we bring you a range of useful tips on how to find the perfect royal blue evening dress. Eager to learn more? Keep reading!

The Blue Side of Your Personality

With the wide variety of shades out there, showing off your unique pers onality will no longer be a mission impossible. Blue is a cool, soothing color and, like yellow, is associated with the intellect.

While light blue has a more relaxing effect and is linked to generosity, health and understanding, the darker shade adds depth. It represents the night and since ancient times has been attributed to infinity, immortality, royalty and the sacred.

The strong, deep, vivid blue for instance has been the color par excellence of deities, pharaohs and emperors. It is also found in the coats of arms of the royal families of different countries throughout history. It is therefore its monarchic essence that baptizes the color “royal blue”.

But today’s royalty also wears this color, as it is a favorite in the wardrobes of Queens Letizia of Spain and Máxima of the Netherlands. Likewise, the impeccable handling of the blue range that Kate Middleton, Princess of England, has exhibited in various galas, has turned the eyes of renowned designers to this color. Royal blue gives fascinating shades to the proposals of elegant evening dresses, whether short or long.

A Tone That Makes You Stylish

Royal blue discreetly style the silhouette and as a faithful exponent, royal blue evening dresses help to exalt feminine attributes with great sophistication. For example, you can find long blue dresses that will appear flattering with a high-waisted, empire line and A-line silhouettes with long skirts with flowing and asymmetrical lines.

On the other hand, you can also find the sensuality of royal blue cocktail dresses with a fitted mermaid cut, subtle cutouts and lace transparencies. In line with bridal fashion trends, we can see evening dresses with sleeves, as well as ruffles and layered garments to give more volume to the party creations.

Architectural two-piece suits and jumpsuits reinterpret contemporary fashion, but if royal blue dresses with lace are what you have in mind, models with bead applications and floral prints will steal your heart.

Among the necklines, the variety is immense. Boat necks, V-necks, halter necks, sweetheart necklines and drop shoulders. Bows and belts help to frame the silhouettes and crown the outfits with elegant hats and headpieces, ideal to accompany the short royal blue dresses, in case you are looking for a more versatile model.

What About Accessories?

As an essential part of the look, discreet accessories and accents in black and silver make up the classic style. For their part, nude buds give a natural and jovial touch to the confections and become a vaporous contrast. Far from being lost in sobriety, they enliven the femininity that overflows from long blue dresses, as well as short and asymmetrical silhouettes.

Bondi blue (a teal tone) will also be present this year, an ideal option if you are looking for royal blue garden party dresses. In fact, it’s positioning itself as a favorite for the party dresses that will rule in the coming seasons. So, whether you are a guest or a bride looking for elegant royal blue bridesmaid dresses, you can get that touch of glamour and distinction in a sophisticated ceremony, royal blue evening dresses with some pieces of bondi blue that will add spontaneity and freshness to the outfit.

With the above information, you should be ready to find the ideal royal blue evening dress. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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