How To Choose the Right Sportswear?

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Today, different types of leggings, crop tops, sports bras, and (oversized) tops are flying around. With such a wide variety of sportswear, finding the perfect set for your workout can be challenging. This is because everyone’s physique, type of sport, and of course, the fit and colors that you feel most comfortable with are different. It is essential that you like the clothes and that they are easy to move around in, with no sagging leggings or clothes that are a little too tight or too loose! To help you when looking for sportswear, here are some tips!

Choose The Right Fit

Leggings that sag when you run, straps that slip off your shoulders during triceps extensions, or leggings that are so tight that they leave seam marks on your legs after a few days; these are all things you want to avoid, as they are very annoying and can interfere with your workout. Of course, you want to focus entirely on your squats, not on lifting your leggings with each set! Therefore, when choosing (new) sportswear, it is essential to pay attention to the correct size.

It is very easy to identify the size you need. Many companies publish sizing charts and comparison materials online to get as close as possible to the correct size when ordering clothing online. In addition, many brands nowadays clearly state their size chart online, allowing you to consider what fits you best carefully.

Pay Attention to the Weather and Temperature in Which You Will Be Training

When choosing new sportswear, it is essential to consider the weather and the location’s temperature where you will be training. For example, do you train outdoors? If so, you should consider winter clothing or special rainwear. These garments are specially developed to keep you warm in cold weather and reliably repel rain and wind. Hypothermia, or the inability to keep muscles warm, can lead to many injuries and physical reactions. Therefore, always dress warmly and avoid cotton clothing as much as possible. Cotton fabrics absorb rain faster than other materials! If you are training indoors, you can safely choose lightweight clothing, but it is a good idea to dress in layers just as when training outdoors!

What Is the Best Fabric?

Today, there are countless different fabrics available for different types of sportswear. Fabrics are determined by based on the following factors:

– What type of sport is the garment intended for?

– What are the climatic conditions of the sport the garment is intended for?

– What type of fit is the garment intended to provide? Oversized, fitted, or in between?

Therefore, it is essential to identify which materials are best suited for the sport carefully. There are two types of fabrics: those that keep you warm, are light and strong (polyester), and those that are breathable, gentle on the skin, and resistant to unpleasant odors (cotton). So, check your wardrobe and see which shirts and pants you like and what fabrics they are made of! This way you can consider the right fabrics when purchasing new sportswear.

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Consider What Type of Sportswear You Like

Oversized shirts and tight-fitting leggings? Crop tops and loose-fitting pants? Some people feel comfortable in oversized clothing, while others prefer to train in tight-fitting clothing. It is best to identify what you feel most comfortable in and what you enjoy training in. It may also depend on the muscle group you are training and the type of sport you practice. For example, many like to wear tight but opaque clothing for climbing and non-opaque clothing for leg fitness days! Once you know what works best for you, you can arrange your sportswear accordingly.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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