Men in Suits: The Coolest Outfits Ideas from the Famous Singer Bad Bunny

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Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, popularly referred to by his stage name Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican singer, rapper, songwriter, actor and wrestling pro. His music is often categorized as Latin rap and reggaeton, but he has included a variety of other music genres, including rock, bachata and soul.
Besides being an artist, Bad Bunny is also known for his original style. If you love the singer’s style, you can’t miss these look suggestions that you can replicate if you have an important event coming up, like a wedding. Take note and reflect your personality with these suits!
Be All White
The use of the color white can be controversial when attending a wedding as a guest, as it is usually reserved for the bride. However, sometimes couples celebrate a wedding on the beach or during the day outdoors and indicate that the dress code is all white, so white will be the protagonist of the guests’ outfit.
If you have a wedding with this dress code, do not hesitate to choose a look like Bad Bunny. Choose what best suits your personality: total white if you like a minimalist style, or with accents of color in accessories and complements to break the uniformity.
Red: The Color of Love
Red is the color of love, so it’s not unreasonable to wear it to a wedding. It may not be very easy to combine to achieve a look that you can attend a classic wedding with, but it will be perfect for outdoor celebrations, during the day or on the beach. Depending on the shade of red, it can even be used for celebrations that will take place in the fall or winter.
Bad Bunny wears a red suit with a white round neck shirt that gives him a casual and ultra-modern look. Accessories are important to accentuate your style. Choose shoes in a neutral tone, or if you consider yourself fearless, wear two-tone shoes. Gold works well if you plan to wear a chain, bracelet or brooch.
Classic Black
Black has never stopped being the classic color for the most formal weddings. If you want to get a ten in the election without taking any chances, this is the color for you! Ideally, it should be dressed in a traditional wedding, especially those held at night indoors.
The Puerto Rican singer brings a modern touch by wearing a black suit paired with an ultra-thin tie, which streamlines the look. You can even embellish your outfit with a pin associated with a chain on the lapel that gives an elegant look and will distinguish you from the rest of the guests.
Sky Blue Look: Modern and Casual

The beach is the perfect setting for a romantic wedding and for guests to wear light colors. If you’re considering a sky blue suit, consider creating a contrast that flatters your complexion, such as pairing it with a white shirt or muted prints.
The white shirt with a round neck is a constant in Bad Bunny’s looks, it is no exception with this blue suit. The contrast is achieved with eye-catching accessories like chains, rings and thick-framed glasses, which accentuate her casual style.
A Vibrant Green Look
Vibrant and bold, this green suit will turn heads wherever you are. If you consider yourself fearless enough to wear it, don’t hesitate to use it at that wedding you’re invited to. Take into account certain aspects, such as the fact that the celebration is taking place outside, no matter if it is the beach or a garden and, preferably, that it is during the day.
Since the tone of the clothes is very marked, the ideal is to balance it with white or beige shirts . As for accessories, look for those that are more discreet and silver. For shoes, take another element of the suit as a guide, for example, if the buttons are black, the shoes will be too. Other options might be brown or champagne.
When choosing a suit, consider not only the color but also the cut, the width of the lapel and the jacket, so that it matches your skin tone and size. Which Bad Bunny look best reflects your style? Let us know in the comments below!

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